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3 Brilliant Ways To Embed LinkedIn On WordPress Website

LinkedIn and WordPress both are amazing platforms to grow your credibility and authenticity factor.

On one hand, LinkedIn is the breeding ground for business professionals. It literally is the match-making platforms for businesses and clients, employers and employees, and demand and supply.

On the other hand, WordPress is one of the major website building platforms which is used by major businesses and brands, both big and small to create their digital presence online.

Integrating WordPress and LinkedIn is a really great and smart idea to combine the fruitful benefits of both the platforms and help you grow your business.

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3 such brilliant ways to integrate your LinkedIn with WordPress.

Come, let’s learn how!

1. Insert Your LinkedIn Profile On Your WordPress Website

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that there is for an online professional presence. It comes with a credibility and authenticity factor.

Embedding your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website helps you strengthen your business credentials and further potential connections necessary for your business growth.

embed LinkedIn profile on website

Inserting your LinkedIn profile on your website is a great way to publically market your business and build new business relations.

Although LinkedIn no more provides the plugin to directly generate the embed code to insert your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress website you can use Taggbox to do so. It allows you to generate an embed code to insert your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website.

2. Embed Your LinkedIn Feeds On Your WordPress Website

Embedding LinkedIn feeds on your WordPress website is another simple yet great way to integrate this social media platform to your official website.

embed LinkedIn feeds on website

It not only improves your website’s UI but also helps you improve the authenticity and credibility factor of your official website. It is a great way to show healthy and professional customer relationships and engagement with your business.

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Embedding LinkedIn feeds on your WordPress website allows you to showcase user-generated content and customer trust in your brand and business.

You can use social media aggregator and display tool like Taggbox to embed LinkedIn feeds on your website. Doing it is actually very simple. All you need to do is generate an embed code with Taggbox, copy it, and paste it on the webpage of your WordPress website where you want to display it.

That’s it. You can easily display social proof of your business’s authenticity through the embedded LinkedIn feeds on your official WordPress website.

3. Insert LinkedIn Sharing And Follow Buttons

Another great way to embed LinkedIn to your WordPress website is by creating a LinkedIn share and follow button and inserting it on your official WordPress website that leads you directly your LinkedIn profile.

embed LinkedIn on website

Many social sharing plugins provide this as their default options.

Having a LinkedIn share button on your WordPress website allows your website visitors to share the related content via LinkedIn. The best place to insert a LinkedIn share button is on the Company’s official blogging website.

Similarly, having a LinkedIn Follow Button on your official website allows your website visitors to follow you, your company page, and related pages on LinkedIn, therefore, increasing the social reach of your LinkedIn profile.

Final Words

LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform that can really help you to grow your business and expand your customer base beyond your target audience.
Integrating LinkedIn and WordPress website is a really smart and strategic move in driving your business’s social reach and presence.

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