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Instagram Guide – 3 Best Ways to Embed Instagram Photos and Videos

Are you having difficulty figuring out as to ways to embed video and your Instagram photographs into the blog or your website?

You have come to the ideal location.  Each Instagramer wants to showcase their Instagram photographs and videos that are imaginative into the Earth that is entire, and everybody has been searching for ways to flaunt their Instagram photographs and movies or the site in the very best way imaginable.  

In the process, the embedding might be liked by some and a few may not and would be exploring to exhibit their photographs superbly while eliminating the conventional and nasty looking characters that are unfashionable out of your embedding.  

Since Instagram continues to be inspiring countless consumers to learn and perform creative and fantastic photography and videography you can anticipate users to market themselves on the web, moreover embed Instagram feed open more dimensions for consumers to get more followers and enjoys which subsequently will have them recognized by advertisers to promote their titles.  

Are you prepared to inspire people with videos and your photos?

 Let’s Get Started

Within this, we will discuss embedding approaches that are flexible and amazing to bring your photo and videos embed like a charm.  Sit tight it will be fast and’s a gorgeous post!  They’re all in the composing and barely take minutes to the procedure while utilizing the process although You may come across some steps long and specialized.  The article includes 3 ways of embedding videos and Instagram photographs and creates an Instagram Wall.

Method-I (Instagram Web Embed Method) Default method

Since we are all using Instagram, we’ll continue to keep the inclusion of Instagram web embeds that we understand how to use the procedure of Instagram embedding and move on to other processes.  To start log into your Instagram profile. Log in with your username and password.


By using the drop-down menu on the right toolbar navigate.  Scan through your videos and photos as you’ve logged in to your instagram profile and pick a photograph or movie which you want to embed in a blog or your site. 

Click on the photo to start the window popup.  Now in the photograph window on the photograph configurations ( The 3 little dots) in the bottom right alongside this comments box.  


Upon clicking on you get two choices of”reporting the photograph as improper” and”embed” the photograph choice.  Click the”embed” to create the embed code to your preferred picture.

Copy the generated embed code and move to your website or blog where you wish to embed or feature your Instagram photo or video.


Until today everything was easy and straightforward but today comes the component and that I understand not all of Instagram users are knowledgeable about HTML.  Do not worry that the part that is embedding does not need you to become a web designer or developer. 

The method is straightforward, and you have to understand a couple of parameters to understand to command embedding movie or your photograph on the blog or your articles.  Just copy the code where you want to embed your instagram feed or post.

Method-II ( Using Taggbox)

You can easily embed Instagram feed with Taggbox. First, click here to create an account, after creating an account our smart wizard will guide you to create your first Instagram wall or you can follow the below steps to add Instagram feed:

 1. Open Wall Editor and click Feeds

2. Click Add Feed

3. Choose Instagram as a source from popup

4. Select the Instagram connection type (hashtag, profile post or location) and then fill out the required fields.

  • Hash Tag (#) – Fetches Instagram feeds through hashtags.
  • Profile Post (@) – Collects Instagram feeds from business profile handle. Enter your Instagram user handle(username).
  • Location – You can collect location-specific feeds. Just enter a location. (No more available)

5. Then click “Create Feed” button to complete adding.

6. Provide the login credentials for Instagram and sign in.

The connection has been created and within a few moments posts will appear in the Wall Editor.

You can also use the Personalize and Moderation Panel to set up your Instagram wall. You can finally embed the Instagram feed on the website. You can also create create Instagram widget to display your Instagram feed on website using Taggbox.

How to embed Instagram feed on Website 

To embed Instagram feed on your website, you need to get embed code first from Taggbox wall editor.

Follow below steps to get the HTML code for embedding Instagram feed:

  1. Click on the Display button and choose Embed on website option,
  2. Select your suitable platform such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. or you can simply generate an embed code for your HTML Website.
  3. Choose one from Auto and Fixed to set the Width and Height according to your choice.
  4. When you are done with your settings then click on Get code.
  5. Copy the code from the field or you can also see a preview of your wall by clicking on Preview.
  6. Paste the code into the body section of your website.

With these steps, you can easily embed Instagram feed on HTML website.

Method-III ( Embed Instagram Method)

This way is popular amongst people who love flash players and presentations.  This instrument is called”Embed Instagram” that is developed using programmer tools and comes very useful for generating embed codes for Instagram videos and photos.  To start the method replicate the movie or Photo URL that you would like to embed on a blog or your website.


Now visit Embed Instagram to create the embed code to your photograph or video.  To generate the code, then paste the copied URL from the Instagram URL box and then click “Create Embed Code” to make your Embed code which will also demonstrate a preview of your added URL.


Paste your generated code to your blog or website.

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