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3 Easy Ways To Embed A Twitter Feed And Why You Should

Twitter is gaining following regular as social networking has been the best means to promote your brand or thought.  To stay familiarized about the developments and changes of different programs, Twitter has gradually released it’s a new design with a few fantastic new features during the past several months. Embedding Twitter Feed on your website increases the user engagement ratio also its helpful to build user trust.

Well, one of the most important features of Twitter is its functionality to allow its users to embed tweets on their websites.

But, what is so great about embedding a Twitter feed on your website?

Allow me to show you!

Reason #1

The functionality to allow you embedding Twitter feeds on your website in a way automatically fetches online user-generated reviews from Twitter which increases the relevancy for your brand.

When potential customers navigate your site, they are searching for reasons you’re different or better from somebody else providing the very same services or merchandise.

Embedding real-time Twitter feeds on website helps you to enhance the credibility of your brand.

Reason #2

Incorporating a call-to-action button (CTA) or making an announcement might seem technical to you initially if you’re not a developer or a technical person.  

It’s possible to embed tweets as your own CTA instead and achieve precisely the same outcome. The prospect walks off with advice and is very likely to go back to your website for additional funds.

Reason #3

The primary purpose we utilize Twitter is to discuss content with like-minded people and to find out what they consider.

There are many varieties of posts about the best way best to get people to talk your articles and in which to set the societal sharing buttons onto your webpage since most of us scan posts for that piece of information which somebody else may share to improve our information base of that specific topic.

You could also embed a tweet in the sub-heading of your article and allow sections of your article to display embedded tweets. This gives you exposure on double front.

3 Ways To Embed A Twitter Feed

After I first discovered about consolidating tweets, it seemed very complicated.  I can understand just a small code and also have some Code Academy course, but I’m far from able to alter codes in my personal site. I am pretty sure that you all must be wondering how to embed tweet via simple methods without much coding knowledge.

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is an amazing social media aggregator and display tool that allows you to create beautiful and engaging Twitter widgets which can be easily embedded on your websites.

It comes with great customization, moderation, and analytics feature.

All you need to do is just log in to your Taggbox account and create a Twitter Widget that aggregates and displays real-time Twitter feeds. After that, generate embed code from Taggbox, copy it to your clipboard and simply paste it in the backend of the webpage where you want to display the embedded Twitter feeds.

2. WordPress Tweet Embed Plugin

WordPress is an amazing website for building platforms with amazing themes and plugin options. It is highly preferred by both small and big brands for operating their official websites.

If it is conceivable to copy and paste, you may take advantage of this method.  Download and install the plugin because you can do any WordPress plugin. When you find a tweet that you would like to embed, click the URL to start the entire post.

Copy the generated URL in the address bar of the browser and then take it to a WordPress dashboard for embedding.

Click on the Save Draft and you can check through by clicking on Preview how it will look in your post.

3. Direct HTML

As compared to other methods, this one includes simple copying and pasting the HTML code to the backend of the webpage where you want to embed it.

Once you discover a tweet that you would like to embed, start it and click Details and then Embed This Tweet.

A window carrying the HTML code along with the log-in information will start.  Copy the generated code and paste it in your HTML tab, to the place where you want to showcase your tweet.

Click on Preview to view is displayed on your article. When you try with choices, you may see it is quite simple to perform! Try it once and feel pride in the amazing work that you have done by embedding Twitter feeds to your website.

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