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Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow your Business

Today, we have got the whole world in the palm of our hands! Thanks to the digital revolution that has given birth to smartphones and social media. There are different social media platforms where everything is being uploaded by the users, be it a personal status, news from different parts of the world or a live video stream.

Facebook and Twitter are basic platforms but one magnificent channel which dominates the entire social media world today is Instagram.

Instagram is a photo & video sharing social media service which allows its users to upload the bits & bites of their everyday lives in the most realistic and relatable manner.

This platform is so pervasive today that from a college student to a business marketer and even politicians, have marked their presence on it.

Millions of photos and videos are being uploaded on Instagram on a daily basis. These are not just by the regular audiences but many big brands are also utilizing this service as a vital part of their online marketing strategies.

Instagram offers multiple features through which a brand can promote itself and expand its reach to a wider audience. To have a better understanding of how Instagram can take your business from zero to millions, let us dig deeper into this extremely useful & majestic social media software and get to know some of the powerful Instagram marketing tips:

Create Instagram Business account

The first & foremost thing which you need to do is to create an Instagram Business account. This helps you to differentiate your account from your users’ profiles by giving your dashboard a professional look.

embed Instagram Feed

Other than improvising the look and feel of your account, a business profile also allows its visitors to access multiple features directly from your IG page just like they can do on your website.

For example, from the contact button, they can directly get in touch with you for any query or purchase. Also, a business profile allows you to run promotional ads and it gives you access to the ‘Insights’ tool through which you can regularly monitor the statistics, reach & impressions of your posts.

Reach out to potential Influencers

Another buzz word in the social media world is ‘Influencers’. Influencer profiles on Instagram are the profiles of those people who have managed to create a large number of followers through their relevant, relatable and influential content.

Embed Instagram Feed on website

Partnering with an influencer who has got an audience relevant to your product or service helps you to expand your reach to a much larger audience that too in a very short span of time. People trust the influencers they follow and readily accepts what they offer.

Leverage User Generated Content

The users of your brand are not all influencers but you can still use their content (pictures & videos) as a part of your marketing campaign.

Most of your brand consumers like to share their experiences on social media. And all of these posts are unique, appealing and unpredictable. If they are capable of grabbing your attention, then they are sure to impress other people on Instagram too, be it your existing consumers or other IG users.

Embed Instagram feed on your website

Another way of leveraging Instagram for your brand promotion is by embedding the Instagram feed on your website. There are numerous benefits of this collaboration:

1. Embed Instagram feeds on your websites and give your visitors one more reason to continue surfing on your page. This way, they will spend some more time on your webpage and will get to know more about your product and its features.

You can showcase the most engaging & valuable user-generated content to an entirely different group of the audience. This way, you can easily convert your website audience into your Instagram followers without really doing much.

2. Last but not the least, adding an Instagram feed enhances the User Interface of your website through its vibrant & colorful pictures.


Run sponsored ads

Sponsored ads are the best way to target and reach audiences on a larger scale. Earlier only your followers could see your updates and photos. But by running ads, people who are not your followers but hold interest in similar kinds of products can also see your posts.

The best part is that you can specify your target audience in terms of age, gender, geographical area, etc. and can also set a separate budget for every advertisement. In addition to creating new ads, you can also turn your existing high-performing posts into sponsored ads.

Use an innovative but interactive branded hashtag

An impactful & interactive hashtag is the key to social media marketing. You can create your own branded hashtag, which either includes the name of your brand or something which is close to your brand image.

The followers will use this hashtag every time they post a picture or video showcasing your brand thus exposing it to thousands of other IG users. It also becomes easier for you to search for relevant user-generated content to further reuse it as a part of your marketing plan.

Monitor your Instagram campaign

It is very important to analyze the performance of your Instagram content on a regular basis. You can either use the free tool – ‘Insights’ available on the app to know the number of impressions, engagement and reach of every single post or you can also get some paid tools to monitor detailed results of your marketing campaign.

A qualitative analysis lets you know what is working better for your account and what needs to be done in the future to yield better results.

Besides following all these professional Instagram marketing strategies, one must also consider some basic tricks which are helpful in boosting a product’s purchase without pushing the consumers too much.

Customers are more likely to spend on a product which is not over publicized. Promoting your brand through Instagram ads is a fair deal but if the followers are seeing only your Instagram stories all the time, they would be exasperated and would immediately unfollow your account. So, do not overdo brand promotion through posting.

Another important consideration while using IG as a marketing tool is to schedule your content at the right time.

According to a study by CoSchedule, the best times of the day to post are between 8:00 AM & 9:00 AM, and at 2:00 AM. This makes sense because most of us are scrolling our social media pages either in the morning before leaving for work or mostly late in the night just before going to sleep.

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