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How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide it has around 1 billion monthly active users.
Instagram stories, filters, and geo-tagging have become a vital part of everyone’s life. User engagement is greatest on Instagram than on any social media platform.

Embed Instagram Feed

As we all know that, the more we showcase our work will attract more clients. The best way to display our work is by showing it on our website.

Embed Instagram feed on websites and increase the dwell time of the consumers, it will also improve your brand’s authenticity. To make your website more effective, embed an Instagram feed on it.

Methods To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Adding Instagram feeds or posts on your website is not a complicated task; you can simply add Instagram feeds on the website using the two simple methods that are mentioned below. If you wish, you can follow the steps along to add an Instagram feed on your website at the same time.  

Method 1- Add Instagram Feed Using Taggbox Widget

Follow these simple steps to create an amazing Instagram feed for your website.

1. First, create your Taggbox Widget account or Log in to your existing account

You’ll be redirected to Taggbox Widget Dashboard:

2. Now select “Add Social Feeds” to add Instagram Feeds on your widget. 

3. A new Dialog Box will appear titled “Pick a source” select Instagram as your source of social media channel.

4. Now, “Create Feed” will appear; here, you’ll find 5 options to create your Instagram on your website.

HASHTAG (#) – To collect Instagram feeds using hashtags(#).

HANDLE (@) – To collect feeds from a profile account.

STORIES – To collect your profile’s Instagram Stories.

MENTIONS – To collect feeds in which your account is mentioned on Instagram Posts.

TAGGED – To collect Instagram Feeds in which your profile is tagged on Instagram Posts.

5. Now, enter the account credentials accordingly.

Embed Instagram Feed

Click the “Create Feed” button to start the etching process. It will collect all Instagram feeds as per your instructions.

If asked, complete the required authentication to fetch the feeds.

(Note: Your ID with Facebook should have an Instagram account too because you know Facebook owns Instagram).

On successful authentication, within seconds, your feeds will be displayed on Taggbox Editor.

Embed Instagram Feed on Website

After creating a beautiful Instagram feed, follow these steps to embed the widget on your website.

Click the “PUBLISH” button on the bottom-left of the screen; for checking your Instagram feed, you can also see the PREVIEW. It will give you a brief idea of how your feeds are gonna look on different devices.

Now a dialogue box “Choose Your Platform” will appear. Here you can select your website building platform. Let’s suppose your website platform is HTML. So select “HTML” from the dialogue box.

A new Dialog Box will appear “HTML”; 

Enter the width and height into the input box as per your requirements;

Click the “GET CODE” and Copy the generated code and paste it into your HTML editor body tag of the webpage, where you want to embed the Instagram feed.

Great! You have successfully embedded Instagram feeds on your HTML website.

Method 2 – Embed Individual Post

You can embed Instagram feed on your website directly through the Instagram app without any need for a tool. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add an Instagram feed to your website. You are only required to have an Instagram account, and you can embed as many Instagram posts on your website.

Instagram Feed

Like everything has its own pros and cons, so does this method. You can only add one Instagram post at a time on your website and do not perform any customization to add Instagram feeds. However, if you only want to display a single Instagram post in its original format, then you can follow these below-given steps: 

  • Select the Instagram post that you want to embed on your website.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
  • Select the Embed option from the menu list or click on the See More option if you don’t find it, and then click on the Embed option.
  • You will find an embed code generated for your selected Instagram post. Copy the embed code on the clipboard and open your web page where you want to display Instagram posts on your website.
  • Now paste the embed code in the backend of your website or web page and save changes to embed Instagram posts on your website. 

Method 3 – Embed Through Dedicated Plugin

If you like to embed multiple Instagram posts on your website, then a dedicated plugin that is designed to embed Instagram posts on your website is your savior. The Instagram plugin comes with multiple features and functions that not only help you embed multiple Instagram feeds on your website, but it will also allow you to design beautiful Instagram feeds with customization to attract, engage, and make Instagram feeds more interactive. 

There are several Instagram plugins you can find over the internet, but finding the best one is an overwhelming task. So here we are going to tell you about the most popular, trustworthy, and widely used Instagram plugin used by many brands and businesses to embed Instagram posts on their website, that is, Taggbox Widget. 

Taggbox Widget is an intelligible and highly compatible Instagram plugin to add multiple Instagram feeds on the website in a designer and customized format on the website. 

Embed Through Dedicated Plugin

With Taggbox Instagram Widget, you can easily embed Instagram feed through hashtags, mention tags, handle, Instagram Stories and IGTV videos to enhance websites with creative Instagram content.

Taggbox Instagram Widget plugin offers you a simple and easy interface to embed Instagram feed on your website. Moreover, you will get access to features like customization and moderation that allow you to design Instagram feeds in the way you want using themes, layout styles, background and remove unwanted Instagram posts to display premium quality content on the website. 

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Your Website

Embedding Instagram feeds on the website can offer you some amazing benefits that you always want with every marketing strategy you implement on your website.

There are so many advantages that you can avail yourself with embedding Instagram feeds on your website. Here below are some significant benefits of embedding Instagram feed on your website: 

Increase Dwell Time Of Visitors

Instagram feeds are realistic and attractive that capture your audience’s attention, and keep them engaged with the Instagram feeds. Unlike professionally built content, Instagram feeds seem more realistic and communicative to the viewers. 

Increase Dwell Time Of Visitors

Instagram feeds raise interest among your audience and entice them to explore more Instagram content on your website. 

Lower Bounce Rate Of Your Audience

The interesting Instagram feeds your audience to engage with the content and learn more about your Instagram presence. Embedding an Instagram feed can attract your audience instantly and keep them engaged on your website. 

Lower Bounce Rate Of Your Audience

This will boost the session duration on your website, which eventually results in a lower bounce rate on your website. 

Enhance Website Appearance & Content Quality

Customize and embed Instagram feed on your website to boost the quality of your website content along with enhancing website appearance and layout design. The creative display of Instagram feeds on the website enhances the appearance of your website. 

Enhance Website Appearance & Content Quality

Also, embed Instagram posts to make your website experience unique to your website visitors, improve content quality with image, video, and more creative content. 

Improve SEO Ranking Of Your Website

Last but not the least, embedding Instagram feeds on your website leverages some amazing SEO-related improvements for your website. The increased engagement, lower bounce rate, and improvement in website appearance & content quality boost the website authority with more informative content. 

Improve SEO Ranking

Instagram feeds can improve the user’s experience, and boosts the affinity of your website which will improve your SEO rankings and top search results.

Boost your website by embedding Instagram feeds to leverage website performance, appearance, and engagement of users.

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