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How To Embed Twitter Feed On Website?

Twitter is one of the most trusted social media and microblogging platform, with over 336 million active monthly users. The numbers are massive and even increasing every passing day. A lot of marketers, businesses, and brands use Twitter as a medium to interact with users. Twitter has evolved a lot and has established itself more as a useful marketing tool.

Embed Twitter feed on the website to increase social reach and showcase social proof to your users. People love to see user-generated content.

The marketing potential it holds is immense. Twitter is also a low maintenance social media platform, and this is also the reason that most of the marketers use it.

Today, we are going to learn how to embed Twitter feed on the website using amazing social-media aggregator tool, Tagggbox with almost no coding.

Let’s get started.

Add Twitter Feed With Taggbox

Before embedding live Twitter feeds on the website you need a Twitter feed wall, so let’s create it using Taggbox.

Step 1: Login to the Taggbox account and click on +Create Wall.

Step 2: Enter the wall name and click on Create Wall.

Step 3: Now a popup appears, select Twitter as a feed source.

Step 4: Select the filter among Hashtag, Handle, List, Advance and Favourites.

Step 5: Fill the other required Credentials of your Twitter account to get live Twitter feeds.

Great! The connection has been created, just wait for a few minutes, you can see all the Twitter feeds on a Twitter wall with the Wall Editor.

You can use the Personalize Feature to make the wall more attractive and Moderation Panel to moderate your wall.

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Embed Twitter Feeds On Website

To embed the Twitter feed on the website you need an embed code from Taggbox wall editor.

Follow the following steps to get the HTML code to embed feeds on the website.

Step 1: Click on the Display Button and select Embed On Website.

Step 2: Select HTML option if your website is on HTML, else choose your suitable option.

Step 3: Select width and height as per your need and click on Get Code to generate the HTML code.

Step 4: Simply copy the code by clicking on Copy To Clipboard. You can also see the preview of your wall by clicking on Preview Button.

Step 4  Paste the code into the Body Section on any page of your HTML website.

With these steps, you can easily insert the Twitter Feeds on your website.

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