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How To Embed Twitter Feed On Website?

Twitter is one of the most trusted social media and microblogging platforms, with over 336 million active monthly users. Even though Twitter works in a textual format, the numbers are massive and increase every day.

Many marketers, businesses, and brands use Twitter as a medium to interact with users. Twitter has evolved a lot and has established itself holding immense marketing potential.

Have you ever thought about the impact Twitter would have if you embed its content on your website as a Twitter feed?

Before moving forward, let’s understand what a Twitter feed is.

What is Twitter Feed?

Dispaly Twitter feed on mobile users

In simple terms, a Twitter feed is an ongoing stream of textual content as tweets posted by the users. It updates in real-time, providing fresh content for your website.

Twitter aggregator tool aggregates all the relevant content from Twitter using hashtags, handle, keywords, lists, etc., into a single feed for you to embed on your website.

It is proven widely that embedding User-generated content is a very impactful marketing strategy. It increases social reach and showcases social proof to your users. 

Today, we will learn how to embed Twitter feed on the website using the two most promising methods, without any coding required.

Let’s get started.

2 Simple Ways To Embed Twitter Feed On Your Website

Engaging Twitter Feed On Website for visitors

1. Own Twitter Embedding Option

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the URL of the feed or profile you’d like to embed

Step3: Customize the design by specifying the height and theme of your widget to match your website

Step 4: Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the feed to appear.

Viola! You’re done!

2. Embed Twitter Feed – Using Taggbox Widget

Before embedding a live Twitter feed on your website, you need a Twitter feed widget, so let’s create it using Taggbox Widget.

Step 1: Log in to the Taggbox Widget account and click on Add Feed option

Step 2: Select Twitter as a feed source.

Step 3: Select the filter among hashtags, Handle, List, Advance, and Favourites.

Step 4: Fill in the other required Credentials of your Twitter account to get live Twitter feed.

Great! The connection has been created; just wait for a few minutes, you can see all the Twitter feed on a Twitter wall with the Wall Editor.

You can use the Personalize Feature to make the Wall more attractive for your website and Moderation Panel to filter out irrelevant content.

Get Twitter Feed Embed Code

To embed the Twitter feed on the website, you need an embed code from the Taggbox Widget editor.

Follow the following steps to get the HTML code to embed feed on the website.

Step 1: Click on the Publish Button and select Embed On Website.

Step 2: Select the HTML option if your website is on HTML, else choose your suitable option.

Step 3: Select width and height as per your need and click on Get Code to generate the HTML code.

Step 4: Simply copy the code by clicking on Copy To Clipboard. You can also see the preview of your Wall by clicking on Preview Button.

Step 5: Paste the code into the Body Section on any page of your HTML website.

With these steps, you can easily insert the Twitter Feed on your website.

Best Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is the perfect example for you as it is one of the best social media aggregator tools that helps you easily curate and embed tweets from Twitter on your website. 

They provide creative, engaging, and responsive Twitter widget solutions for brands to increase their website dwell time and create a social presence on Twitter. In addition, you can collect content from Twitter using hashtags, handle, mentions and lists. 

Moderate and customize the content to match your brand’s theme. And finally, embed it on your website easily, without any coding knowledge required. Once you embed it, your job is done as it automatically updates in real-time.


Tagembed is a very efficient, easy-to-use social media aggregator that helps marketers collect, curate, and embed user-generated content from various social media platforms and present it in a unified manner.

Tagembed has many features like customization, moderation, and analytics to provide the users with the best widget solutions. Their fast and responsive widgets give the best website experience to visitors.


The Twitter aggregator by Juicer allows you to embed a Twitter feed on your website. Visitors get to know about your social presence while staying on your website. Increasing your website dwell time and conversion rates.

Juicer provides simple ways to aggregate all your social media posts, user-generated content, and influencer content into a singular social media feed on your website.

Embed Twitter Feed Using WordPress Plugin

Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator

The Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin allows simple integration of the Taggbox account of the user to their WordPress website. The aim is to simplify the curation and embedding to create social media feeds, a flawless experience.

The Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin helps the user transform their websites with more engagement and interaction by providing fresh content from Twitter as they manage everything without visiting their Taggbox account again and again.

Easy Twitter Feed

Easy Twitter Feed, just as the name suggests, is a WordPress plugin that provides lite and easy solutions to embed the Twitter feed widget on your website. 

Many users have claimed it to be visually perfect, easy to install, and fast. Other than embedding the feed, it also comes with the follow and retweet buttons, making the widget interactive for your website visitors.

Custom Twitter Feed (Tweets Widget)

Custom Twitter Feeds is a paid WordPress plugin that helps brands integrate tweets on their website effortlessly. 

They provide many features: six different feed types, advanced layouts, photo, and video lightbox, quick optimization for fresh updates, and GDRP compliance to ensure the safety of the consumers’ personal information.

Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feed on Website

1. Increase Your Website Dwell-time

People love social media, and they love Twitter the most because of the subtle nature of the tweets. Everyone has something interesting to offer on Twitter, and when you bring that element to your website, you can ensure an increase in your dwell time.

Increase Your Website Dwell-time

Embedding a Twitter feed on your website will become a highlighting factor of your website. It demands the visitor’s attention and makes them stay longer, increasing user engagement.

2. Build Brand Trust

The picture of marketing has turned in such a way that now consumers don’t trust the content promoted by the brands. They prefer the content created by their peers, serving as real-life experiences.

Build Brand Trust in Your Consumers

This type of content is user-generated content that helps brands build trust among their target audience, increasing conversion rates. UGC is collected with the branded hashtags, and potential customers use this UGC as a source of review for the brand.

3. Create Social Presence On Twitter

On Social media, people follow each other’s activities and do what others are doing. Similarly, when you display user-generated content on your website created by your customers, your other customers get influenced to tweet for you. They also get impressed that you give importance to your customers’ opinions.

Show Your Twitter Presence with Twitter Feed

After the other customer gets influenced to tweet for you providing you with a lot of content to display on your website and creating a social presence for you. Moreover, create brand awareness among your target audience.

4. Give Something Fresh To Your Website Visitors

One of the best features of a Twitter feed widget is that it updates automatically in real-time. Whenever someone posts using your branded hashtag or mentions you, or tweets for you, the Twitter widget collects it and displays it in real-time. 

Display Twitter feed to Website Visitors

Give new content to your visitors every time they visit your website. Your job is done once you embed the Twitter Feed code on your website. After that, you can leave the rest on the Twitter widget and enjoy the experience.

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