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How Instagram Business Account Owners Can Game the Instagram Algorithm

Here’s a fact: if you have an Instagram business account, you have a significant advantage over everyone on Instagram with just a personal account.

This is because Instagram business accounts have access to Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights can be used to understand what’s working about your Instagram page, what needs to be changed, what kind of content is producing the most engagement, and other information that can be generally used to optimize your Instagram growth.

More specifically, with a business account you have access to three main types of data through Instagram Insights:

  • Activity: This section lets you view important Insights on your profile, including Interactions (such as profile visits and website clicks) and Discovery (how many people see your content and where they find it).
  • Content: This section lets you view Insights on your Posts, Stories, and Promotions.
  • Audience: This section tells you more about your followers and audience.

Here are some examples of how you could Instagram Insights to game the Instagram algorithm:


Your Activity tab is a good indication of whether what you’re doing is helping you grow your Instagram page or holding you back.

If you notice week-after-week that your page is growing, then you can continue doing what you’re doing knowing that it’s working.

However, if one week you notice that are not reaching as many people or aren’t leaving as many impressions, then you can look at what you did that week and adjust accordingly.

Maybe you started posting at a different time, or uploaded a new kind of post, or used different hashtags.

Once you see in your Activity tab that your page isn’t growing, you can start investigating your page and see what changes are potentially causing your Instagram page to stall.

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Whereas your Activity tab can be a good indicator of whether or not your Instagram strategy is generally working, your Content tab can tell you exactly what kind of content you should be posting to generate the most followers and engagement on your posts.

Under the “Content” tab in Insights, scroll down to “Posts”. Tap “See all”.

what posts produce the most engagement on instagram?

Here, among other metrics, you can see which of your posts produced the most:

  • Engagement (total of all possible types of engagement)
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

With this information, ask yourself:

Does a specific kind of post always produce more engagement than any other kind of post? A specific color? A portrait? Lots of edges and angles?

If the answer is “yes”, then prioritize creating that kind of post to get the most engagement possible for your posts.


Arguably the most important piece of information you can get from your Audience tab is the activity time of your followers.

Specifically, you can see what days and what times of day your followers are most active.

With this information, you can then post at times when you know when your followers are online and active. This leads to more of your followers actually see your posts, which leads to more post engagement.

While you can post at these times manually, it can be difficult and/or inconvenient to maintain this. To make sure you never miss the perfect times to post, you can schedule your posts ahead of time using an Instagram Scheduler.

To see this data, follow the instructions below:

The nice thing about Instagram Insights is that you don’t actually have to have a real business to access it.

Here’s how to set up an Instagram business page and Instagram Insights:


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As mentioned above, before you create your business account on Instagram, you must already have a business page on Facebook that Instagram can link with.

Once you successfully set up your business account, you can access Instagram Insights through the instructions below:

In addition to gaining access to Instagram Insights, by switching to a business account, you give your followers and visitors to your page more ways to engage with you.

Specifically, you can add a “Contact” button to the top of your Instagram page.

When someone clicks on this button, depending on your preference, they can choose to:

  • Get Directions
  • Call
  • Email

Business account can also add a “Call to Action” button to the top of their page.

When someone clicks on this button, depending on your preferences, they can choose to:

  • Buy/Get Tickets
  • Order
  • Book
  • Reserve

Just by switching/creating a business account on Instagram, not only do you gain access to invaluable analytics you can use to smartly grow your Instagram, but you also give followers and visitors to your page 7 additional ways to engage with you.

Author bio:
Sam is Editor at http://www.socialpros.co – a blog aimed at simplifying social media marketing practices for small businesses and everyday people. You can check out his latest article breaking down the Instagram algorithm here.

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