How WordPress users can leverage their content marketing efforts?

The beauty of SEO is that it is accessible to one and all, from individuals who want to build a professional or personal reputation to businesses that want to build brands.  Optimizing websites for search engines is the only way to gain high visibility, which is at the core of any marketing and branding exercise. Any branding firm would include SEO as an integral part of brand building strategy because it is the most affordable and cost-effective tool for brand building.  WordPress has given impetus to SEO implementation because of the immense SEO friendliness of the WordPress themes that create websites ready to launch the campaign right from the start. The famed CMS also supports the efforts in content marketing, which is the mainstay of SEO marketing and branding campaigns.

Nothing can happen in marketing without content that holds the center stage in business promotion, and this has led to the slogan ‘Content is King’. Content is the most valuable asset for marketers that not only help to communicate with the audience but also convey the value that they appreciate and in turn reward marketers by meaningfully engaging with the business. The same is true for search engines that love good content and reward marketers with better search rankings.

In this article, we will discuss how to make the most from content to achieve the business goals.

Why content marketing is so important

It is not just enough to create superior content unless you have a strategy for promoting it so that it attracts maximum attention. Even the best content might escape the notice of most people if not brought in front of them. This is only possible with some organized methods of content promotion. And what happens when you market content? It can work wonders by rewarding your efforts with enhanced lead generation that can be three times more than the traditional marketing methods.  This is the reason why 86% of businesses turn to content marketing, and it is the top priority for 57% marketers. Any size of businesses and organizations can use content marketing, and it is possible to create campaigns according to budgets. 

Here is how you can get going in creating your content marketing campaign.


Create your content marketing strategy

First, define the business goals that you want to achieve with the help of content marketing as it gives a purpose for content creation. You must have a plan about how you want to use content to realize your business goals. Staying organized by creating a plan and supporting it with a suitable strategy should help to succeed in content marketing.

Creating a simple editorial calendar is the first step in developing your content marketing strategy. It forms the basis of scheduling blog posts and other content by defining the frequency of publication. To make the task easy, you can use some WordPress plugins like Editorial Calendar, Edit Flow, and CoSchedule, to name a few. From creating the most basic editorial calendar to more complex ones, you can find a plugin for any requirement.

Content creation

Having the right type of content is critical to succeeding in content marketing because the content must have enough worth that the audience appreciates. The content must be easy to read, generate interest, and at the end, readers should be happy that they could gain something from it or it fulfilled some purpose.

The content must be relevant and useful to the audience as if created to meet their needs. The subject must be attractive, and the content built around it without losing focus.  It must be engaging so that users feel interested in consuming it fully, and the presentation must be attractive as WordPress has various options of presenting content most attractively. Naturally, to make the content interesting, it must contain useful information that readers can apply in their lives, meaning that the content must be actionable.

Create an E-mail list

Now it is time to distribute content for fulfilling the promotional goals. With content in your hand, you must make it available to people for which choosing the techniques of e-mail marketing and social media marketing works very well. Having a list of e-mail subscribers help to send the content to those who have expressed interest in it or have completed some purchase.

Take up the exercise of building an e-mail list by connecting with people with a targeted message that inspires them to subscribe to your e-mails. Creating a subscription box or pop up with a strong call to action (CTA) can be very effective.   Another way is to collect e-mail contacts is to create compelling content that compels readers to subscribe to access it. E-mail marketing becomes easier if you have some tools like SumoMe and OptinMonster available in WordPress.

Content sharing on social media

Social media is a powerful platform for creating brand awareness, and its reach is almost all-encompassing; it provides the most attractive option for promoting content. Using your social media presence to direct traffic to your website is a highly effective technique in content promotion, and you can even post your website content on social media with any fear of duplication.

Some WordPress plugins like Easy Twitter Feed Widget available free is useful for displaying Facebook and Twitter feeds that encourage site visitors to track content updates. Using key influencers in your niche is another way of promoting content. Citing an influencer in the content and then soliciting their action by sending a message on social media for sharing it among their followers result in more content circulation.

Review and analyze

Performance monitoring and review is critical for any marketing campaign, and you must have a strategy to analyze the ongoing campaign for understanding its performance metrics. You must know what is working and what does not work, find out the reasons, and make improvements by taking corrective actions. Check if your efforts are bearing fruits by knowing what benefits you derive from the campaign.

Keep a tab on traffic, bounce rates, page views, and other metrics to ensure that the campaign is moving in the right direction.

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