4 Ways to Use LinkedIn Video for Your Business

Something special has been happening in the field of marketing these past years.

Sales and marketing professionals are not relying on only the conventional forms of marketing anymore. They are now leveraging new techniques as well.

And this is where video marketing comes into the game.

When you incorporate video marketing with LinkedIn, the results and benefits that you get become even more prominent.

Looking at the statistics and past trends, it is safe to say that video marketing is much more engaging and grab more eyeballs than your regular textual content.

According to a study by HubSpot, over 54% of consumers want to see more video content than any other form of content.

But the question is how can you LinkedIn videos to kickstart your business.

Here are some great ideas to use LinkedIn videos for your business.

1. Tell Your Brand’s Story 

People are inquisitive in nature – it is a common human nature.

They are always tempted to know more about the people they are connecting with and the brands they are dealing with. And as a business, it is your duty to quench their curiosity.

To build more connections and strengthen relationships, use LinkedIn video to tell your brand story. Include interesting tidbits about your company, story behind your business, or share the events that motivated you to open your business.

Moreover, videos rank highly in LinkedIn’s algorithms, which is why you have a better chance to reach your target audience and attract more audience for your business with LinkedIn videos than with any other form of content.

Sharing your brand’s story with your LinkedIn connections will help you boost your online presence, increase brand foothold, and build a personal relationship with your customers. 

2. Shared Curated Information 

You don’t necessarily need to always create brand new videos to share with your network.

Your goal is to share something that engages your audience and is of some value to them, which is why you can curate all the important things and compile videos on its basis.

Here are some things that you can talk about in the videos:

  • Podcast that you recently listened to and resonated with you. 
  • Share something about the books you recently read and something that what are the things that you liked about them. 
  • Have you learned something new regarding your business today? If yes, then share it in your next LinkedIn video

You can also livestream a video of an event the next time you visit an important conference or business event. You can either record some parts of the event to share with people in your network or even make a quick video talking about the things you learned in the event that you think is worth sharing.

3. Share Your Office Culture 

You can also share occasional videos that show what goes on behind the scenes and how your office culture works like.

Such videos are also easy to shoot and you don’t have to brainstorm for new ideas either. It will also help you attract your prospects towards your brand on a more personal level.

And not just a general work culture video, create videos that give special coverage to your employees as well.

For instance, this welding company posted a video on LinkedIn that showcased a special talent of one of their new employees.

The video got massive engagement and grabbed the attention of thousands of LinkedIn users, as is apparent from its comments and likes.

When you share such videos on LinkedIn, they help in giving your brand a human touch.

And customers today are more attracted to personal experiences and direct connection other than the bland approach to sales.

4. Host Q&A Style Interviews 

Sharing stories and monologues on camera is not for everyone. Some people can find it a bit intimidating.

But it is nothing to worry about! You have plenty of other options to engage your audience using LinkedIn video marketing.

Try to get in touch with professionals and influencers in your industry and conduct a Q&A session with them.

One option is to host such Q&A Style Interviews in person with all the proper equipment, professional studio, and more.

Connected with Kyle on LinkedIn is one great example:

This is a weekly video series hosted by Kyle Burt on LinkedIn. The videos consist of interviews with interesting and influencing people from the business technology domain.

Make sure that you do extensive research before the interview. Ask important questions that you think are relevant to your audience.

There is no need to be all professional either. Your aim is not to bore your audience to death. Your questions should be equally focused on technical know-how as well as the backstory of the person you are interviewing. 

If you are having a hard time arranging an in-person interview, then record a video call. But use high-quality, popular video recording tools to ensure great quality.

Summing it all up 

LinkedIn video marketing is still new and yet untapped by many marketing professionals , but it has already proved its mettle. 

LinkedIn videos are great when it comes to engaging your audience. But before you devise your whole video marketing strategy, develop a video style beforehand. From candid videos articulating important trivia to Q&A, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. 

Apart from the LinkedIn video style, it is also important to remain consistent in your efforts. If you abandon your video marketing activities or post videos at unequal days, then your audience will also abandon you. 

So use these LinkedIn marketing tips to engage your audience, skyrocket your sales and create a buzz around your brand.

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