5 Influencer Marketing Hacks To Give Your Brand More Exposure

These days, wherever you turn on the internet, you get bombarded with a deluge of influencers promoting something or the other.

And when you are offline, your friends are colleagues are talking about them.

Simply put, influencer marketing is rising to more and more prominence every day.

Makes you wonder, “Is all the hype worth it?”

Well, I will let you be the judge.

Have a look at this statistic:

A study reveals that 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.

And this is a hefty number.

These influencers are more relatable than any A-list celebrity and that’s why they are able to invoke trust in people.

But contrary to popular belief, Influencer marketing is no cakewalk. From approaching the right influencer to negotiating a deal, it is a lengthy process. Moreover, sometimes that end result can also be uncertain.

To alleviate such doubts and help you get started with influencer marketing, today we will discuss some important Influencer Marketing hacks to give your brand more exposure.

Hack #1 Team Up With Mid-Level Influencers

It’s one thing to start approaching influencers.

It’s another thing entirely to approach the ones best suited for your brand. 

And if you are barely starting out, I’d say start off with micro-influencers or mid-level influencers in the beginning.

Their social media follower count falls somewhere between 10,000-100,000, which is technically not a bad thing. In fact, it is a great thing. Just imagine having this much audience to promote your product. Sounds like a great deal, right?

And here’s another great news: mid-level influencers are not only easy to approach but also budget-friendly.

If you go for more prominent influencers, you will be spending a vast majority of your marketing budget on them alone. And this doesn’t make sense. Therefore, it is better to stick with mid-level influences initially. 

Hack #2 Beware of the influencers with the fake followers 

The influencer marketing arena is ripe with folks trying to make quick bucks by deceiving their prospects.

These people want to get all the benefits that come with being with an influencer, but they are not willing to do the hard-work for that. 

And that’s why they find an easy or rather a deceiving way out.

They simply buy their followers.

And you need to stay wary of such people. 

But the question is, how will you tell apart real influencers from the ones with fake followers?

Well, it’s quite simple. Let me show you how. 

To identify a fake follower, you would have to keep track of the person’s followers. For one, if the influencer has the majority of followers from a country other than his/her home country, then the followers are likely to be fake. For instance, if an US-based influencer is creating content for the US-based audience, but has a high volume of followers from countries like China, Bangladesh, or Turkey, the chances of them being fraudulent are substantially high. 

Hack #3 Run a giveaway 

Everyone likes free stuff — there is no denying it. 

And that’s why conflating influencer marketing with giveaways is a great idea. Sometimes, even the influencers prefer to work with someone who is offering free stuff to their audience. 

The influencers’ audience is unlikely to ever miss such an opportunity. In fact, I doubt, anything else would appeal to them more. 

And even big brands are partnering with influencers to take part in such giveaways. 

Back in 2015, Fossil launched an Instagram giveaway where they asked their audience to post their best photos wearing Fossil products with the hashtag #FossilStyle. In return, they announced a trip to the New York Fashion Week to the lucky winners.

To increase the outreach of this campaign, they partnered with various influencers.

Have a look at an influencer posing with Fossil’s crossbody bag:

This may seem rankling initially.

You might think, “I am in the business to make profit, not to giveaway free stuff.

And that’s where you are wrong.

Don’t think of it as a loss, think of it as an important investment that is going to bear wonderful fruits.

Initially people will be tempted by the free giveaway, but once they fall upon your brand, they are likely to explore more about you. 

Hack #4 Add influencer testimonials to your website 

Are you struggling to build authority in your niche?

People are visiting your website, browsing through your product or services, but are taking an exit thereafter?

Do you know what can help you out? What can give your prospects a little nudge?

Testimonials by influencers can be the answer.

You must try to get testimonials from the influencers using your product. Better yet, give away your product for free to get it reviewed by the influencers. Ask for their feedback and then add it in your website.

Add them on your website like this.

Now when your visitors come to your website, they are bound to check out these testimonials. Once they see that even some of their favorite people or prominent people are using your product, they are likely to be persuaded a bit more to give your product a chance. 

Hack #5 Don’t overspend 

Influencer marketing is a tricky business.

As you start with it, you will witness instant engagement and a boost in your online presence. This might tempt you enough to overspend your budget.

But don’t forget that you also have various other marketing processes to oversee, which can be even more beneficial if your sole purpose is to generate leads.

Let me be blunt: while influencer marketing is a great source of boosting your online presence, the cloud of doubts still persist around. For one, there has been no credible metric that suggest the success of influencer marketing in terms of revenue generation, which again proves my point to not drain your entire budget on influencer marketing.

Stay within your set budget constraints, you can enjoy great benefits from influencer marketing.  


You are still wondering whether the whole buzz around influencer marketing is actually worth it — well, you won’t know until you try it out firsthand.

Now you also know some common influencer marketing hacks to get you started.

For now, these ways are more than enough for you to drive engagement and increase your visibility in your industry.

Just think of these influencers as celebrities – but with a small, laser-targeted fanbase.

Don’t get carried away and always remember to team up with the influencer who is most suitable for your brand.

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