3 E-commerce SEO Trends to Embrace Today

Google is constantly spending huge money, much of its time and effort to come up with new algorithms. Then, if you have an e-commerce business in place, you should adapt to such changes to thrive in this age of stiff competition. You will need to maintain your importance and take over the market to continue improving your bottom line. One SEO blunder and your website pushed deep down in Google’s search pages, thus making your business invisible.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, traditional SEO tactics are outdated. Today, you need to embrace new features and technologies such as social media, voice search, and apps. In simple words, you need to keep up with the latest trends. Here are three e-commerce SEO styles that you must adopt in 2019:

1. Building your brand and website conversions

When it comes to your online store, great SEO drives quality traffic and website conversions lead to increased revenues. There is no doubt about the same. Focus on link building which is an integral aspect of any e-commerce business. You need to build quality as well as relevant links to help you build your brand and develop mutually beneficial business relationships with other bloggers and online store owners in your niche industry.

Link building is essential not only for your site’s SEO but also for earning referral traffic, thus improving your website’s overall traffic. Therefore, build strategic relationships with similar business owners and bloggers to take your brand to the next level and generate quality links. Besides, if you want to learn more about modern SEO tactics, visit sites like WalnutSEO.com or similar ones.

2. Embracing voice search

Reap the benefits of voice search by integrating the smart technology into your website. If you have an array of products to sell online and targeting a niche audience, you need voice search. Today, people like to look for online products thru voice search on their smartphone when in their home or traveling in their car. They do not like to type so many words.

Optimize the questions because most searches are in that format. People will search, “Where to find leather shoes in New York?” instead “Leather shoes in New York.” Therefore, create your site content in a way so that it answers buyers’ questions, integrating trigger words like what, how, which, and best. The content should not flatly feed in the search terms or keywords.

3. Enhancing user experience

Google values user experience or UX. So must you if you have an e-commerce website. Studies show that websites taking several seconds to load lose approximately 40 percent of their visitors.

Next, it is content readability and smooth navigation so that online shoppers find the products they want to buy. Focus on the end users and offer a seamless shopping experience on PC and mobile devices. Did you know that modern buyers shop more on smartphones than laptops or PCs? Therefore, optimize your e-commerce website for all devices.


Keep these trends in mind while revamping your e-commerce website. Attract potential visitors, turn them into loyal customers, and start selling your products.

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