Instagram marketing

How to use Instagram in marketing strategy?

Instagram is one of the social platforms that has evolved the most in recent years. It’s not for nothing that more and more companies are seeing the value of incorporating it into their marketing strategy. 

After all, it’s a great way for brands to gain visibility, reach their targets strategically and create a strong sense of engagement with their audience.

Discover now our 5 best Instagram Marketing Strategies.

Why your company can not do without Instagram?

Although it would be fairly simple to explain, the numbers should be enough to convince you to include this platform in your marketing strategy today. Indeed, since its appearance on our mobile phones in 2010, Instagram continues to gain popularity. And the term “popularity” is weak…

In April 2018, the application reached one billion monthly active users and, according to the predictions, this craze is not about to disappear. The explanation for this is very simple.

In fact, the monster success of this platform is explained by its visual and technological nature focused on the sharing and engagement of its users (via “likes” and comments, for example).

Most people use Instagram to inspire and view visual content related to a topic that interests them: sports, cooking, travel, fashion, and a host of other spheres of activity. Especially since with the use of hashtags on Instagram, it has never been easier to find information on a given theme and put your finger on a very nested audience.

Did you know that 53% of users follow the brands they prefer on Instagram? Eh yes! For a company, this is a golden opportunity to get in touch with its current clientele or its marketing target on a daily basis.

In addition, we note that the engagement rate of a brand on Instagram is 10 times greater than that on Facebook, 54 times greater than the one on Pinterest and 84 times larger than that on Twitter. It is therefore quite possible to do well!

Do you want to be strategic in your use of this platform to use it as a lever for your company? Just put a little effort and know your target. Here are our 5 best tips to learn how to use Instagram in your web strategy and reach a target that is moving away from more and more traditional media.

5 tips on how to use Instagram for a brand

1 – Optimize your company profile

Whether you are selling bicycles, prepared meals or landscaping services, it is important that your business profile on Instagram is optimal. To do this, you need to take a few minutes to be strategic in what you put forward. After all, you only have a few moments to really catch the attention of someone who will (willingly or not) venture into your profile.

Example – mailchimp

The first thing to do is to choose a profile picture that will allow you to be quickly identified by your target. Often, companies decide to put their logo or a very strong visual element related to their brand, as a product.

Then comes the time to think about your bio, all in less than 150 characters. The important thing is to be concise, but to put the mission of your company ahead. Be sure to make it clear what you are doing and how a consumer might get in touch with you if they want to buy your products or use your services.

2 – Think about what you want to communicate to your target

Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Pinterest, there’s a good chance your speech will differ from one platform to another. After all, these have all been created for totally different reasons and needs.

Take off your vendor hat!

One thing is for sure, your target will not want to follow you if you just promote your services or sell your products on your social media accounts. Ask yourself the following question: Would you be interested in 100% promotional content for a brand? No? Well, we do not either!

In fact, this point should be at the top of the list of all your efforts on all social media since these platforms are more in the logic of building a relationship with your target than in a transactional logic. And on Instagram, this recommendation is even more important because users are looking to share and view engaging visual content.

Submit inspiring, original and relevant content

3 – Be creative in your publications

Another very important element to be effective and strategic on Instagram is this: creativity! The main reason we want to be on Instagram is to view and share “trendy” photos that will allow you to gain visibility, notoriety and commitment to your marketing target.

You will develop a visual identity and a unique atmosphere to your brand on your profile: color, tones, descriptions, etc. Above all, have fun and be authentic in what you share. Do not just do it for the business, but for the sake of providing an interesting photo to watch and relevant content for your targets.

4 – Use the good #hashtags in your publications

Just like on Twitter , you can use hashtags to link your content to a specific topic and spread your message to a much wider audience. This way you can be found by people who do not know your business or account. However, even if Instagram allows you to insert a maximum of 30 hashtags per publication, do not overdo it!

Indeed, a short text accompanied by too many hashtags will quickly lose its interest in the eyes of users since the main message is buried in such a way as to alter its meaning. Thus, people tend to jump over messages that have too many hashtags since they are too difficult to read. It’s a bit like SPAMs.

If you want your message to pass, be sure to structure your text and insert only the necessary hashtags.

5 – Be committed to your community

Want to get people to interact with your posts and share them with their friends? In this case, be yourself already very committed to your community. 

See who likes your publications and answer their questions or interventions by contacting them directly. Also, take the opportunity to interact with other users by liking their publications or commenting. You will see, people will appreciate that you take the time to answer them and to take an interest in what they have to say.

Like everything that evolves in the world of the Web, however, it is very important to stay on the lookout for what is said and what happens on Instagram, whether it is vis-à-vis your company, your area of ​​expertise or others. So, you should make sure to go check your notifications a few times a day and give life to your account in passing.

After some time, you can even identify the ambassadors of your brand on Instagram that will help you gain notoriety!

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