The ultimate Instagram hashtag guide for 2019

Do you also have problems with your reach and do not know any more about hashtags? This article helps and brings you back on track.

Hashtags on Instagram have always been a guarantor of reach. The more you use, the farther your contribution will make it. However, since the introduction of the algorithm, many more factors affecting range have been added. The posts will no longer be displayed in chronological order, but are sorted by relevance. Hashtags have become less important in this context.

Whereas users used to be able to fall back on their tried and tested set of tags, the hashtag game is currently much more difficult to master. What this is and what solutions there are, you will find out here.

Why hashtags?

Although hashtags are no longer responsible for the success of your posts, they still play a major role on Instagram. If you use them correctly, you can generate new followers with the gained reach. Hashtags today are primarily suitable for audience building. 

This means: If you have a very small or medium-sized account, it is worth the effort. However, the more followers you have, the fewer hashtags you usually have to bet. However, a study by Simply Measured has shown that just using a single hashtag increases interactions by 12.6 per cent. But whether this is generally transferable, remains doubtful.

Hashtags increase your visibility on the platform. With them, you open the opportunity for other users who do not yet follow you to find your content. Basically, the more (relevant!) Hashtags you set, the more potential reach you generate with it. 

With the right hashtags, you can reach your target audience, attract customers, generate engagement, and expand your network. For all this and the branding, of course, Instagram is currently relatively no alternative to the place to be.


What’s going on with you lately, Instagram?

Unfortunately, many users have been struggling with their hashtags for some time now. Earlier strategies seem to have no effect today – or worse, they are having a negative impact on performance. 

Nearly every day, the algorithm seems to turn against new developments against users and limit their reach. Many are about to throw in the towel because they can not understand, perfect breeding grounds for rumours. A short summary.

Current myths about methods that limit the range:

  • The full number, so 30 tags, use 
    -> Statement of an Instagram employee is that it is quite sufficient to use a few, but highly relevant tags. 
  • Hide hashtags in the comments 
    -> This is a hitherto unconfirmed rumour that lacks any foundation.
  • Always use the same set of hashtags 
    -> Allegedly has a limitation of range, since the behaviour appears automated.
  • Using irrelevant tags that have nothing to do with the content, but have generated long reach (remember that relevance is critical to your position in the newsfeed!) 
    -> This practice may bring many likes quickly, but sustainability is something else.
Instagram hashtag feed

Why Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed on Your Website?

Embedding Instagram feed on website is easy, you just have to choose a perfect Instagram aggregator tool and rest will be done by it!

Instagram is among the most popular social networking platforms and using its visually attractive aesthetics, recent API alterations, and increasing user base; it will become a clear choice for companies to pick up the audience from Instagram for their offerings.

The quantum of influencers and user-generated articles, brand recognition capabilities and more than 800 million active monthly customers show that embed Instagram hashtag feed to a site can allow you to grow customers, drive more involvement, networks, consciousness, positive new image and above all revenue stream.

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