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How To Showcase User-Generated Content On Social Media

Any content that is created by the users of the brand over the Internet to share their reviews about the brand’s product or service is known as user-generated content (UGC) or use created content (UCC). Brands don’t pay people for creating UGC. They do it with their own free will. User-generated content on social media plays a important role for the brands. UGC can be of any type like- 

  • Images 
  • Videos 
  • Texts
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials

These are only some of the types of UGC. People are allowed to create the content in any form and share it over the Internet. There are many examples of user-generated content that boost the sales of brands and help them to reach a larger group of audience.

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of UGC and some ways to showcase UGC on social media. 

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Why Is User-Generated Content Important?

According to a report, 60% of the people trust the comments and photos posted by real users of the brand over the content created by the brand. Another report tells us that 85% of the people are more influenced by UGC than any other form of content. Embedding Instagram feeds on the business website helps to increase the engagement and thus improves the overall performance of the site.

Let’s discuss some of the significant benefits of user-generated content. 

1 Cost-Effective 

The best thing about user-generated content is that it is free. Brands don’t have to spend a lot of money for the content. They just have to curate the UGC from the Internet. There are many tools available in the market that will help you to collect and display the user-generated content. 

2 Authentic

Authenticity plays a vital role in the online marketing world. If you want to grow online, then you need to gain the trust of the audience, and UGC will help you to achieve this goal.

Nowadays, people don’t trust marketers; instead, they believe the other users of the brand. People no longer depend upon the paid ads of the brands to make their purchase decision. 

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3 Unique And Fresh Content 

If you want to grow fast over the Internet, then you need to be unique, and UGC is the best source for individual and fresh content. As the real users of the brand create UGC, so it is more authentic than another form of content. The search engine also gives preference to the website that embeds UGC along with the regular content in the rankings.

Top Ways To Showcase User-Generated Content On Social Media 

1 Create UGC Centric Posts

User-Generated Content On Social Media

This is one of the best ways to showcase the UGC. You can share the user-created content on different social media platforms to increase your social reach and market your product in a better way. 

Always give an active caption while sharing the photos and videos. They make the post more appealing. There are many user-generated content campaigns on social media that are highly successful for the brands.

2 Share UGC In Stories

User-Generated Content On Social Media

There is a large group of people who don’t feel comfortable to share their content on in the posts; instead, they share the material in the stories. These stories can be an excellent asset for you. 

Immediately reach the people who entered the tagged you in their stories and ask them if you can share their stories in your feeds. The answer here is always yes. Always give proper credit to the real owner. This is one of the best ways to showcase user-generated content on social media. 

3 Organise And Encourage People To Participate In The UGC Contest

User-Generated Content On Social Media

Organising a UGC campaign on social media is another excellent way to engage the audience. People love to get involved with the UGC campaigns on social media. You can get a fantastic UGC in there contest. 

Try to organise a contest in which people are allowed to vote the UGC contest Encourage the people to participate in the UGC contest.  

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4 UGC In Advertisements 

User-Generated Content On Social Media

Social media is not just about organic marketing. It is far beyond that. To reach organically is a slow process. Big brands can’t have that much time. So they run an ad campaign to contact a larger group of people immediately. 

Including UGC in the ad campaign is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the audience. UGC in the ads also acts as the social proof of the brand. 

You can include texts, customer reviews or caption in your ad campaign. People don’t trust marketers nowadays; instead, they believe other reviews of other people. UGC helps the customers to make their purchase decision. 

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