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9 Tools To make Twitter Marketing Easier

Plan, post and design tweets, monitor responses and statistics (and measure success!) Of your activities – these cool tools will help you optimize your Twitter marketing. Our list of tools for Twitter including description, features and highlights to the tools.

Even though Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are ahead of the pack, as far as the social media world is concerned, especially in the B2C sector, many users are still using the Twitter channel in the B2B sector.

Even startups and founders should think about a Twitter account because the channel is worthwhile for real-time marketing and works for users primarily as a news service. However, in order for your Twitter account to be successfully used, there are some helpful tools to facilitate and support the work, in addition to the basic rule “Current content and regular posting!”.

Which tools can be cleverly used for Twitter, you will learn now:

Twitter Marketing Tools

1. Twitter Analytics – Statistics official

Twitter also has a built-in feature to display statistics about your profile and activities. This can already gain initial insights that show, for example, your followers in more detail. Age, gender and, of course, location play a role here. So you can get the first numbers, which are valid for the last four weeks.

The only requirement besides your Twitter account: this must be at least two weeks old. In addition to the follower’s list, you’ll also see data on the success of your tweets, how often they were clicked. It’s a great way to learn how to improve your activities and tweets. Beyond the official Analytics feature, there are other tools as well.

2. Hootsuite – Practical as extensive

Hootsuite allows you to monitor your Twitter activity as well as monitor your account. Not only can postings be planned in advance and made clearer, but you can also check the performance directly. This will give you numbers that will help you to make your tweets even better.

The big advantage of the tool is the integration of several social media profiles, which can be managed simultaneously with just this tool. In the free version already 3 channels are possible, in the fee-based can be integrated many more profiles.

This greatly simplifies your social media marketing, as you can plan and analyze your activities quite extensively with just one helper.

3. Taggbox

Taggbox is an extremely great social networking aggregator and display/embed tool which provides you with the performance to make stunning and beautiful Twitter Feeds Walls that might be easily embedded to your sites or displayed on an electronic display in occasions or as digital signage.

It exhibits real-time Twitter packs aggregated from several sources on Twitter such as Hashtags, references, keywords, listing and favourites.

To be able to embed Twitter feed on your site using Taggbox, first, you have to create a Twitter Wall utilizing Taggbox, create an embed code, then copy it, then paste it at the backend of this webpage in which you would like to incorporate the Twitter feeds.

To begin with, the wonderful customization features allow you to decorate your Twitter feed wall in line with the appearance and feel of your site. Then, the powerful moderation panel lets you filter your Twitter articles before displaying it in order to keep the standard of all Twitter feeds.

Hence, with these wonderful features and a lot more add on attributes, Taggbox seems to be a perfect option when it comes to imitating real-time feeds onto your own site.

Useful – How to Embed Twitter Feed On Website

4. Buffer – Versatile and helpful

Like Hootsuite, Buffer also offers the possibility to manage several social media channels in parallel with the tool.

It probably will not be more practical if a dashboard provides an overview of social media postings and at the same time includes solutions for monitoring. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts can be monitored and postings can be processed and planned in advance.

The tool is easy to use to find the best posting times and to check the follower’s engagement. Buffer is available as an app as well as for the desktop so you can prepare your tweets practically and easily from anywhere. You can test the tool as freeware, after which a paid version is required. This varies depending on the extent of the price.

5. Simply Measured – Clever and useful

Simply Measured offers accounts with up to 10,000 followers the opportunity to receive free and comprehensive analyses and reports. It includes data about the followers, such as age, gender, and interaction with your tweets.

There are also metrics about the performances of your tweets, including likes and retweets and much more. Everything is delivered in clear graphics and the data can be conveniently exported as an Excel file, so you can create your own graphics.

6. Tweetreach – Comprehensive for marketing professionals

This tool is a bit more expensive for marketers, but Tweetreach also provides detailed information about your tweets. Reaches and clicks are given here, making the engagement of your followers more tangible.

In addition, you will get an insight into the best times for your tweets and hashtags. With the reports, you can analyze and significantly improve your activities.

7. Storify – From Tweets to Story

Storify is less suitable for monitoring, but rather for the preparation of your best tweets. With Storify, you can search and find tweets and more via hashtag, from which you can easily create a kind of story.

For that, the tweets do not necessarily have to be from your profile. It’s easy to tell a story on a specific topic. So great tweets are not lost and you can pack this in a nice blog post and thus revalue. The tool is as a practical helper in the sense of a curator.

8. Twittersearch – Less a tool than a search engine

Hashtags and posts on Twitter for a particular topic can be easily found using Twittersearch. It’s less of a tool than a good microblogging search feature by Twitter itself to discover content or hashtags for your themes and tweets.

9. RiteTag – Trend hashtags easily found

RiteTag is a clever tool when it comes to trends and new hashtags that are especially popular in the community. Of course, with hashtags, your tweets can still be boosted, which means more attention.

What is currently a trend and which performs particularly well is playfully easy to find out and use with this tool.


For Twitter, the known sizes of tools are particularly good. In addition to the official and own Twitter Analytics, Buffer and Hootsuite are ideal for monitoring and provide the important data and numbers for the performance of your Twitter account.

More tools for digital reports come and go constantly so that only a few can prevail here in the long term. With the other tools, you are also well prepared in terms of content and can constantly improve your tweets and adapt to trends.

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