3 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are So Powerful and Engaging

Instagram Stories is the best feature on Instagram, the photo-sharing social media channel. Since its inception in 2016, the engagement level has increased leaps and bounds from a billion users to an average of 30 minutes daily. Now, that is some impressive figure. Based on anniversary press release by Instagram, users below 25 years spend 32 minutes in a day or more and those just 25 years spend more than 24 minutes a day on the image-sharing site.

There are many reasons why Instagram stories are so powerful and engaging. When it comes to story videos, they are robust tools for recreating the emotions we relate to positive communication on social networking sites.

According to an article published on Forbes, storytelling in this age of digital marketing has led to the birth of a type of interactivity. When you capture the best content in a video for a few seconds, it calls for some knowledge and skill. If you can do your job professionally, it will have a positive impact on your business and potential customers. There is no doubt about the same. To cut a long story short, you must know that Instagram videos are engaging.

Here is why:

Stories benefit you the most

You like it when your followers, fans, and existing buyers update their stories on Instagram. Then, it is more fun when you create engrossing stories for your brand and products and share the same. Based on the findings of Harvard University, 30 to 40 per cent of our conversation means, revealing information about ourselves. When you share stories and feelings with others, it stirs the human brain centres relating to some reward.

Another study shows that documenting events makes our perceptions and memories sharp. In one experiment, the participants were asked to take pictures of the artefacts or avoid doing so. When the results came out, the participants taking snaps paid more attention to the artifacts than those who refrained from doing so. People who took photos never shared any negative thoughts about the entire experience.

You can implement this strategy when it comes to your Instagram marketing strategies. It feels cool when you share your brand stories with your targeted customers. This way, you can delight your audience when you pay attention to the content they share. It is a mutually beneficial process.

Build intrigue with real-time events

Do you know why Instagram Stories are so engaging? Well, it is their limited period display and fading nature. The stories will display only for 24 hours. Therefore, you should motivate your followers to check your brand-related content frequently on Instagram to avoid missing any discounts or deals that will vanish in 24 hours. It is simple; your followers just need to tap the button on your smartphone to keep checking your posts.

When it comes to stories, they help you get quick updates from numerous followers and subjects. The Stories feature is narrative in style and everything unfolds in real-time. It makes your posts as good as a page-turning thriller, thus building suspense. Your targeted users cannot wait to see what your brand has next in store for them. If your followers like your content, it will help you buy real Instagram likes in no time.

You should not worry if real-time posts and conversations do not relate to your Instagram stories. When it comes to purposeful Instagram engagement, it comes from numerous touchpoints. Then, all your valuable audience will view your content daily. Therefore, you must create Instagram stories more often with persuasive narratives. It will help your audience to learn about your brand with time and discover new, prospective buyers daily.

Faces grab attention

Create Instagram stories that grab user attention from people’s faces that their brains are seasoned to identify and memorize. Based on the findings of eminent researchers from Caltech, it was found that each brain neurons save information about popular celebrities. In one particular subject, a neuron was lit up when an image of the famous Hollywood actor Halle Berry was shown. Then, the other participants reacted to photos of Jennifer Anniston, a character from the renowned show The Simpsons as well as members belonging to The Beatles. On the contrary, pictures of ordinary subjects, people’s figures, or group pictures did not receive any recognition.

The above study shows that our brains are trained to decipher faces in a special way. You can use this strategy when it comes to your Instagram stories and brand promotion. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

The vertical format of Instagram works fine when filming a popular face. When you use the Stories feature of Instagram, you can record the close-ups of faces. It is easy, as you do not need to hold your smartphone in an odd position. Therefore, if you have an interesting team lunch recipe, your products are awesome, and you have a great view of a beautiful water body from your workplace, use Instagram stories to grab audience attention.

Voyeurism offers you social benefits

If Instagram stories make you feel that you watch on others’ lives, it is so. When it comes to the first-person narrative of stories, it provides a close-up look of individuals you know and people you do not know. You can try the same strategy when it comes to your Instagram marketing. Voyeurism gratifies your biological hunger and your fondness for gossip.

You salivate at the sight of calorie-rich food that looks delicious and mouthwatering on a platter. Similarly, people long for gossip to survive. As far as gossipis concerned, it gives you some interesting information about the world and people around you. The same rule holds when it comes to your Instagram stories. People talk about your behind-the-scenes video and you benefit with respect to likes, comments, and shares. For example, if you sell beddings, you can show the interior of bedrooms with king-size beds, beautiful pillows, bedspreads, and mattresses. It will fulfil your need for voyeurism.


Use Instagram stories to connect with your audience. There is some science behind the reactions of your followers when they see your content. It has a positive impact on your branding efforts. Therefore, make the best out of it.

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