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Best Way To View Your Instagram Feed On The Web

If you’re looking for a way to display Instagram feeds on your website, then you must use an Instagram aggregator tool.

You can easily embed and display your Instagram Feeds on your site. Before all this, you need to know What is Taggbox?

Taggbox is a Social media aggregator tool. It aggregates all social media feeds of various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ etc. After aggregation, it displays all live social feeds on a Digital screen or on a Website. With the help of Taggbox, you can create a Social Wall on your website. To display social media stream on website, Taggbox provides APIs.

embed Instagram

If you want to embed Feeds from Instagram to Website then you can try Taggbox’s other feature like Instagram Wall. To create an Instagram wall on the website, you need Instagram APIs and Taggbox is a great tool for this. It is an affordable tool as compare to other alternatives. Its moderation panel is so good where you can filter and remove the bad post in real-time. It has marvellous customize themes for Website and displays.

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