5 Tools for Event Planning and Management No Organizer Should Miss

Event planning and management tools are getting a niche to the event organizers day by day. And the reason behind this is the availability of resources.

By the time we are developing different dynamic tools and software, our reliance on them is increasing day by day. 

Let’s pass an eye over some of the trending event planning and management tools we have in the market today-

#1 Taggbox

Taggbox is an extra-ordinary social media aggregation tool that can fetch content from almost every social media network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and manage it in a very coordinated way.

But How would Taggbox benefit an event? 

Well, the content displayed on big screens, display screens through digital signage or social widget embedment on websites are the trending tactics digital marketing to attract the audience and make an event engaging. You can display live twitter feeds or live instagram feeds with the help of taggbox, EASILY!

Showcasing the user-generated content without any tension for its appropriateness is an engagement increasing behavior of Taggbox.

#2 Social Tables

It’s an event planning tool with interactive floor plans and operational features, also capable of boosting an overall ROI too.

Being not just an event management tool, it has its dimensions so wide on a completely different space of room layout plans as well, makes it a dynamic tool for event management.

Creating connections with vendors, caterers, venue providers are some other niche features of it. Therefore, it is a ‘good-to-go-with’ tool, for social events.

#3 EventBank

It is an event planner, which can also promote the event with its built-in promotional features.

Apart from Planning, it also helps in creating & managing tasks and saves time in the overall aspect. Moreover, Consumer behavior insights are some of the niche features it gives us.

It has a few lucrative but offer-based plans with various suitable pricings. 

#4 Whova

Whova is a mobile app that is used to manage events or conferences specifically. It is an all-in-one event management tool that manages and executes all event-related activities single-handedly.

Be it live polling, announcements, social media aggregation or document sharing.

A few other functionalities, like switching off a particular feed out of many in between the event running, and likewise, it offers a choice to opt-out in between the event. 

It is a dynamic and user-friendly tool.

#5 Trello

Trello, as a project or task management tool, comes with many cooperative features that help in managing the tasks on an individual level.

Though teamwork management is the basic need and of course is an expectation from a PMS, Trello comes as a manager in which we can even differentiate the tasks on an individual basis.

It comes free for the basic requirements and has its premium version for further professional requirements like announcements, generating a meeting schedule and notifications, etc.


Though the user-engagement is an attribute of marketing, it usually goes high in a considerate manner after the involvement of event planning and management tools.

No wonder why organizers are keeping their eyes on these tools for their lucrative and posh events.

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