Top SMS Marketing Tips to Boost Your Pet Store Advertising Strategies

Top SMS Marketing Tips to Boost Your Pet Store Advertising Strategies

While many marketers like to focus on SEO, email, and social media marketing, mobile text-based marketing is more effective and quick. Today, all have smartphones that they embraced into their daily lives. According to an article published on HuffPost, Pew Research Center states that 95 per cent of the US citizens owns mobile phones, carrying these devices everywhere. It means that you have a huge audience if you have a business like a pet store in the country. And all this time, you have been thinking about how to promote your pet business.

SMS marketing is not only effective but also easy on your advertising budget. You can reach to people who want pets in their house and nurture your business relationship with your existing customers. The greatest benefits of SMS marketing is that people open your messages and read. If you post on social platforms like Facebook, there is a possibility that your post won’t be noticed, or lost among numerous other posts. People rarely open mailers and read. Text-based mobile messages are not only read but also reach your audience right away. Read on to learn how you can advertise your pet shop through SMS marketing.

Notification about pet adoption

Act as a bridge to connect with pet lovers who need pups or kittens, thus giving these adorable animals the love and care they deserve. Create a comprehensive list of potential customers who need pets and send them an SMS blast. It is an effective strategy to market your pet store.

You can manage the list in many ways. Prepare and segment the list depending on what kind of pets they want. Create a survey or questionnaire for those who sign up. Accordingly, you can create dog lovers, cat lovers. It will give you a clear picture as to whom to target. You can segment your list based on dog or cat breeds.

You can send an MMS with a high-definition photo or video of a Golden Retriever pup or a Labrador. Send information related to these furry companions in short. Provide a link that will help pet lovers connect with your pet store. Try these tactics and they will work for your business.

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Announce exclusive discounts or offer for pet lovers

SMS marketing becomes a success when you can offer more value to your customers. Yes, it is offering them value for their money. You need to pique audience interest in your offers and discounts. Keep pet lovers hooked about your pets, dog products, dog food, and pet services. Send out text messages highlighting exclusive discounts or deals for those who have signed up for your SMS.

There are many ways to incentivize your patrons. These include an assured free pet product with a dog or cat customers take home, free shipping for orders online and special discounts for people who signed up.

Send out SMS with custom code on every coupon to figure who has redeemed the same and when. It will give you precise information about your customers than a mailer coupon might. Send MMS messages with a smooth, customized graphic to make your brand look smart and professional. Besides, you make your pet store marketing efforts easy and hassle-free with SMS text messaging API platforms.

Special events notifications

If you are hosting a special pet event, there is nothing like it. It could be a fun party with the furry friends and pet parents or an awareness event about pet care and grooming. You can send out SMS notifications to your existing and potential customers about such special events. These tactics work better than cold calling, email marketing, or social media posts. Mailers are rarely opened because most of these messages land straight into the recipient’s spam box. People also delete promotional emails even if they reach their inbox.

Email marketing is not effective today even if people, who are interested in your special event because they might possibly miss the news as most marketing emails go straight into their spam box.

Reach out to your targeted audience with SMS marketing instead with all the pet special event-related details, and reminding them to attend the same. It is a good way to connect with pet parents and potential customers alike.

Pet birthday party

Delight your clients by requesting them to join the birthday club your store has opened for the furry companions. You can use birthday reward programs in your SMS marketing to advertise your store.

There are many ways to inspire people to join your pet birthday club. Send out SMS to your existing clients to announce a special offer that pet parents can redeem during the pet’s birthday month, week, on the day.

Send out auto texts to remind pet parents to redeem the offer. You can schedule your text messages so that pet parents read the message before the pet reward program becomes active. You can keep track when pat parents redeem the offer.

Important updates and alerts

There are times when you want to send out SMS texts to your customers with important details. You might be wondering what sort of updates and alerts. These include hot weather warnings to remind dog owners to keep their furry companion inside the vehicle if they are travelling. The same rule holds when the weather is chilly. Some pet breeds cannot withstand extreme cold. It is beneficial for pet parents if they get updates or alerts through SMS texts in advance. They can take their dog for a walk before snowfall starts.

There are other alerts like changes in business hours or holiday hours. Send out SMS notifications about new store location or when your store is changing locations. Again, there are alerts related to special events that inspire people to stop by your store.

Send bulk messages or schedule your messages, whatever suits your business requirements. Schedule reminders of holiday hours so that you do not forget about it when the last-minute holiday rush starts and you get busy with your customers.


SMS marketing works for your pet store if you know the rules of the game. It is easy and cost-effective advertising.

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