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Twitter Aggregator & Everything You Need To Know About It

Twitter aggregation, the most powerful social engagement technique which every social media marketer and web developer is using these days to leverage the user generated tweets about the brand or product to increase user engagement, brand trust and sales. 

What is Twitter Aggregation?

Twitter aggregation is a process of curating, moderating, and displaying Twitter feeds through hashtags, mentions or a particular account on any website or digital screen. 

How to Perform Twitter Aggregation?

Doing twitter aggregation manually is also possible that too free of cost but it will let you embed single tweet at a time but using a Twitter aggregator tool like Taggbox to curate, moderate and display tweets is the best possible way to perform twitter aggregation because using aggregator tools also allows you to collect all the tweets in one feed and that can then be either embedded on the website or displayed on any digital screen or signage solution. 

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Taggbox – Powerful Twitter Aggregator for Displays and Embeds

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Taggbox is so far the most recognized, robust and popular Twitter aggregator tool which comes with a bag full of themes to display live twitter feeds anytime anywhere beautifully!

This amazing tool not only comes with a large number of themes but also lets you customize the theme according to your brand or event theme. Along with beautification features Taggbox also comes with automatic and manual moderation, 24*7 real time customer support, real time updates, affordable pricing and much more attractive features which holds a very important role!

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Reasons to Use a Twitter Aggregator 

Using a Twitter aggregator tool not only reduces your efforts to use user generated tweets for marketing and branding purposes but also helps in a number of ways which are hidden but are visible to anyone who understands the marketing and branding from a user’s point of view! There are countless reasons to do so, but to name a few, we are mentioning the major reasons or say benefits of using twitter aggregators on websites or event screens!

#1 Increases User Engagements

Using user generated content on screens and websites increases user engagements, audience love to get featured on the big digital screens of events which encourages them to tweet about the event or brand which indirectly strengthens your marketing efforts!

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#2 Builds Brand Trust and Loyalty

People hear to people and no marketing can beat it when they hear good about a particular brand or service through various people from all around the globe. 

#3 Increases Sales and Conversions

Using a Twitter aggregator and embedding twitter feeds on website not only increases the audience engagements but also increases the trust factor and indirectly improves your conversion rate. 

#4 Improves Session Time 

Embedding a Tweet wall on website increases the average session duration of visitors by improving the audience engagement and hence helps in boosting the SEO performance of the website!

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