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How To Embed Instagram Widget On Website Using Taggbox Widget

When we talk about social media networks, the very first few names we have in our mouth are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and then we count Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. because of their limited functionalities. 

What makes them very popular is their diverseness and accessible acceptability. Almost everyone, irrespective of his origin, is present in these social media networks.

If we look for the best two of them as well, then Facebook and Instagram would lead the list. Twitter is a social media network with some limitations like word limits and content type.

Though Instagram has its own conditions, yet has a broader diversity remaining in comparison to Twitter. Whereas, Facebook has way more to search and is above every other network in terms of diversification.

Instagram has a separate status of the image-friendly social media network that gives it a dedicated character.

Facebook would be better in other aspects, but when it comes to photographic content, everyone thinks of Instagram first.

Read how you can embed Instagram Widget on your website using an amazing tool Taggbox.

Add Instagram Feed Using Taggbox Widget

  1. Create a Free account on Taggbox Widget and click on “Create Widget” at the right top corner.
  2. Enter the name of your Widget, and click on “Create a Widget”.
  3. A popup will appear, showing the social media platform, choose ‘Instagram’ as your feed source.
  4. Select feed type like ‘Hashtag(#)’, ‘Handle(@)’ or ‘Mention’ and click on create a feed.
  5. Enter the required details and connect with your Instagram account.

Your feeds will appear soon in the ‘Widget editor’.

Generate Instagram Widget Embed Code.

1. Click on the ‘Personalize’ panel.

2. Select the Widget theme from the available web themes.

3. Now, click on ‘Display’ option.

4. Select ‘Embed in website’ from the popup.

5. Choose your website building platform where you want to display your Instagram widget.

6. Set ‘width’ and ‘height’ as per your requirement and click on ‘get code’.

7. ‘Paste’ the embed code on your website where you want to embed Instagram widget.

You have successfully Embedded the Instagram widget on your website.

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