9 Smart Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

If you want to start a blog or online business, the first thing you should do is to choose a good domain name. Domain names are important for your business. A good domain name should align with the goal of your website. It can be registered at a domain registrar. It is good to think of a business name which has a similar domain name.

What is a domain name?

In general, a domain name is the address of a website. Your website is known as web properties. Some examples of domain names are:

If you can’t have a domain name, you can’t put your business online. A domain name can make a business successful or unsuccessful.  When you choose a domain name at a domain registrar, it is like you are choosing your business name. You need to exercise due diligence, collect a lot of thoughts and consideration. After all, it is the identity of your business. Choose a name that can fit your business and easy to find. It should be short and easy-to-remember.

Here are smart tips for choosing a domain name

Easy to type

The domain name you are choosing should be easy to type and remember. Finding the name which is easy and memorable is critical to online success.  Avoid using slang in the name. For example, don’t use ‘U’ as ‘You’ or ‘Express’ as ‘Xpress.’ It may be difficult for people to find your site.

Go for a short name

A long and complex domain name can confuse your customers. The customers can often mistype or misspell it. So, make it short and simple. This is the way to go.

Keyword Insertion

It is good to add keywords to the domain name. The keywords that describe your business and services convey customers what you deal with. To take an example, if you are a computer repair service provider, then the domain name should be ComputerRepair or ComputerRepiarService.com. It is advisable to use keywords that people normally enter in search engines when searching for your services or products. This helps increase website rank on search engines, thereby boosting traffic.

Don’t use hyphens and numbers

Avoid numbers and hyphens it is often misunderstood. For example, if you add 4, customers will not sure whether you are using ‘4’ or ‘four’ when they hear your website address. Similarly, if you add dash (-) or hyphen (_), they might misplace or forget to add them. If you want a dash in your domain name, then it is good to register the different variations to be safe.

Your area

It is good to target your area when choosing a domain name at an online domain registrar. Include your city or state in the name if you are a local business. Doing so makes it easy for local customers to find and remember the name of your domain.

For instance, DelhiComputerRepair.com.

Easy to remember

Millions of registered domain names are available online. Going for a memorable and catchy name is essential. Once you come with such a name, share it with trusted and close friends or relatives. Ask them if the name sounds appealing and makes sense to them.

Quick solution

Have you got a great idea for a domain? If so, register it right today and put a website. Even a single moment is missed; someone else will get the name registered.

Proper domain name extension

Don’t you know what extensions are? They are suffixes like .com, .org, .net at the end of the address. Every extension comes with its own importance and use. Opt for one that can work for your business. However, the most common and popular domain extension is .com. But, choosing .com with a short and memorable domain name can be tough.

There are some new generic top domains like .in, .co.in, .nyc, .guru, etc. These domain extensions offer great opportunity to register short and relevant names. Below are some top-level extensions and how they can be used.

  • .info: it is used for information websites
  • .co: it is an abbreviation of commerce, company and community.
  • .net: it is used for technical or internet infrastructure sites
  • .biz: it is generally used for commercial use like e-commerce sites
  • .org: it is used for non-commercial websites


Choosing a good domain name is very important for a business. There are many domain registrar companies where you can choose the name and get it registered.  A domain registration company suggests you the best name for your business and one which is not used by another brand or company. If you are thinking of starting an online business, first of all, choose a good name and then book a domain name by the same name.

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