Instagram Marketing Strategies

Best Instagram Aggregators of 2019

As we know, Instagram aggregation is a process of gathering Social media feed on website with amazing presentation. It’s a very clever way to summarise Instagram posts through handles, hashtags, and mentions and present it upon a single display.

It is one of the most popular trends in marketing nowadays, many big brands like Warner Bros., Facebook, etc. are using it as their marketing strategy to publicize their social presence.

You can design and modify your Instagram feed wall as per your marks in order to do some effective marketing.

Here we’ll examine the best and most convenient Instagram Aggregators you can use.

Here are some of the best Instagram Aggregators-

1. Taggbox-

If we talk about best, then Taggbox is the name for it. Taggbox is one of the most popular and trusted Instagram Aggregators among different brands.

It is the most feature-packed aggregation tool for Instagram and it mostly ranks #1 in different blogs and reviews you’ll find on the internet.


Taggbox provides the best user support and ease in creating and designing Instagram feed on your own.


There are other Instagram Aggregation tools like which will help you to combine content from Instagram and present it in a single feed.

You can sort content from Instagram through certain hashtags, profiles, mentions or tagged posts and then display it on any digital signage, embed it on the website, combine with your app or you can also print it.


Another example in the list of best Instagram Aggregators is, it has good features for beginners to create and present their social media stream in a good way.

You need to just connect your account and choose your feed style, you’ll get an embed code which you’ll need to put on the webpage where you want to see your feed.

4. Dialog Feed-

Dialog Feed is also a really good option for the aggregation of Instagram. It lets you take filling from Instagram and you can then visualize it according to your choice.

In order to get started, you need to pay some amount for the plans starting from $250 per month. On the other hand, Taggbox starts from $19 with many more features and customizability options to use.

5. Waffle-

If you just need to make a simple Instagram feed that you can impersonate, then you can go for Waffle online aggregator tool.

It cost you bucks to have the fully-featured version of waffle starting at $19.

The free version of this tool doesn’t offer many functions and you can get a more featured Taggbox tool at this price.


So, here are some of the best Instagram Aggregators to use at this time to make your marketing easier and impactful. And if we have to choose one, then, of course, Taggbox comes out as a winner in this field and provides the best features and user experience among its competitors.

Other alternatives are not bad, but they are not just as optimized as Taggbox, so if you want to simply create and use an Instagram feed then you can use other aggregators, but, if you seriously want to enhance your marketing standards, customize & design your UGC (User Generated Content) and present it conveniently, then you should definitely opt for Taggbox.

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