Smart Gadgets

List of Smart Gadgets Must For Your Home

In the age of technological advances in AR and AI, smart gadgets for home have become much of a necessity. These gadgets help you to manage your home in a better way and obviously they are based on an eco-friendly concept. Some of these devices have become a necessity. They are smart because they take your voice commands or even get managed by a single touch control.

Market is flooded with a variety of home gadgets and it can definitely lead to confusion. Depending on your requirement and family needs you can opt for the right smart gadget. There are smart devices, devices for home security, lighting devices, audio controls, thermostat-controlled devices, smoke detectors, water detectors, and many more smart equipment.

We have listed out some of the common, efficient and useful smart gadgets that everyone should have at their homes. Depending on your requirement and budget you can plan to buy them.


Echo Plus (2nd gen) has found key takers in kids. It can easily take in voice commands through the cloud-based service of Alexa. It carries out tasks such as answering questions, play music. Using Echo you can control any of your smart home gadgets. It is equipped with premium speakers with Dolby sound.


Xiaomi has ventured out into smart consumer electronics in recent months. It started its market globally with smartphones and gradually moved on to smart home products, consumer electronics like laptops, audio products, Mi watch etc. After starting with TWS in early 2020, Xiaomi launched Mi Smart Speaker a couple of months ago. It is Google Assistant-powered Mi Smart Speaker and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.


Samsung has launched a complete one in all kit for smart home lovers. Coming from a tech giant, it is compatible with most of the devices. This kit has a hub to connect all your home devices. You can connect all equipment in your home and can control them through this single kit.

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Sonos is one of the best centralized multi-room sound systems for streaming music. Considered to the most durable, high in sound quality and reliable too, it is however priced on the higher side. For streaming it provides support to most of the streaming services online. Sonos is also compatible with devices like Alexa and Google-assistant.


If you have kids or elderly at home, then Nest Hello is a must for your home. Though it is a doorbell but don’t mistake it for a simple one. It is a smart gadget equipped with a camera, video and audio facility. The security of the house is multiplied manifolds as you can monitor the guests at your home. 


There is always some coffee lover at home. With everyone moving to the digital age, why not coffee too become smart. Smarter Coffee appliance is a smart gadget belonging to second-generation. It is simple to operate the device and you can make your coffee even before getting up from the bed. Can be easily controlled with commonly used smart devices like Alexa, Google Assistant.

Apart from the items useful for your day to day activities, there are some luxury items like shades and blades which can be controlled by the best smart gadgets. It all depends on how much you want to spend! 

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