Best 5 UGC Platforms to Manage Users’ Content

The rising population on social media networks has also increased the utility of user-generated content. Brands and businesses are preferring to take on their digital marketing strategies around UGC.

Giving importance to the ideas and comments of your customers regarding the products is not just the mission behind UGC. Considering the psychological and economic value of the user-submitted photos, videos, and posts, it holds the utmost preciousness for a brand.

What is UGC?

UGC or user-generated content is referred to as any such media like a video, photo, online review, blog, podcast, or social media posts made available on the web by users. In this digital era, brands are refurbishing relevant content from their users for marketing purposes.

According to a report, 79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions. 

Here, in this article, we will take you through five best platforms that will help you improve your business with user-generated content.

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5 Best User-Generated Content Platform


Being one of the leading UGC platforms, Taggbox enhances your marketing campaigns and other business purposes. With every service, you can meet different requirements to fulfil your brand goals. Beginning with social media aggregation to digital signages, its tools take on UGC to the best of its uses to engage the users.

ugc platform

Taking advantage of the fact that the Millenials’ purchasing decisions are based on recommendations in their circle, its tools allow you to target your audience conveniently with user-generated content available on social media.

There are UGC solutions for every type, for retailers, events, e-commerce, and much more. Newly introduced UGC rights management allows you to take permission from the users to reuse and share their content for marketing purposes. This would help your brand create a good image by being responsible and legally right. 


Aimed at meeting your business requirements, Tagembed is a comprehensive platform which collects, curates and displays the selective social media content on your website. User generated content is always preferred by the customers than any other in-house content. Displaying them on your website makes the brand trustworthy.


Tagembed provides widgets for every social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. This helps in fetching UGC from multiple platforms and targeting a diverse population.


Designed for travel and hospitality brands, CrowdRiff delivers marketing software based on visual content for digital and social media teams. They source authentic visual content from travellers around the world and share it with the brand they have associated with. 

UGC platform

The software allows you to manage user-generated content and branded visuals conveniently on a single platform. With their only focus on the hospitality industry, they have spotted the king of the business to support the brand’s marketing structure.

Take your marketing and ad campaigns to the next level with engaging UGC to drive visitors to your brand with CrowdRiff.


Taking social content and audiences to increase sales, Curalate plays an important role in creating shoppable social channels for brands. It leverages UGC to build social content with shoppable essence and brings up powerful influencers for your brand. Brand influencers are an excellent way to tell the brand story to influence the social audience.

user-generated content platform

Its tools allow you to grow your brand on social networks and drive traffic to your website. The well-curated UGC to inspire the visitors on the website and helps you convert them for better results. The shoppable social platform helps you turn followers into shoppers. Encourage more purchases by inspiring visitors with the use of effective social content.


ViralSweep empowers your marketing team with its multiple tools for different purposes. It allows you to create an embeddable email collection with a long list of emails to power up your email marketing segment. The tool lets you increase social engagement with different approaches to interact with the audience.

User generated content management platform

It offers tools to organize contests by collecting, curating, and displaying impressive user-generated content. The contests are an excellent tactic to engage the social audience. ViralSweep awards the winning fans with prizes instantly. The tool lets you manage your brand’s official Instagram and Facebook comment giveaways. 


Having its good grab on all online genres of user-generated content, TurnTo turns your business into a user-focused brand. Its tools offer a range of services beginning from syndication for brands and retailers by taking genuine product reviews from different platforms.

UGC Platform

TurnTo also provides content moderation services and sampling for the dedicated market research purposes. These tools are taking brands a level up with the use of customer-submitted ratings, reviews in texts and visuals, community question-answers, and checkout comments.


The rise of technology has been a helping hand for businesses. Brands can take a flight off to the sky with the use of user-generated content. Let it be the customer reviews or be the images on social media with branded products. 

These UGC tools are allowing you to explore more from the customers, for the customers, and by the customers for the growth of your brand.

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