The truth about user-generated content

Would you like to get delivered good content, without having to make a finger crooked? Would you like content that increases your revenue and conversion rate? Then user-generated content is exactly what you need.

As an experienced shop owner, you know how important good content is in your shop. Starting with high-quality product images and descriptions up to customer reviews and trust features.

User-Generated Content can be an important revenue driver if used properly. But what does this marketing term mean anyway?

User-Generated Content (abbreviated to UGC) for shop operators stands for media content that is not created by the provider of an online shop, but rather by its customers.

What are the benefits of user-generated content?

For online stores, this content form has a number of positive aspects:

  • Authenticity (enthusiastic customers take pictures or report on the product)
  • Customer loyalty (customers can see that they have a great shop and recognize the quality of their products)
  • Brand strengthening/reach (as a result of which customers produce content for you and share it with their friends/followers, your shop becomes better known)
  • Identification (Customers feel they belong and can identify with their online store)
  • Little effort (you only have the task to view the UGC and can select the best posts and use for your shop)
  • Unique content (you have more unique content that sets you apart from your competitors)
  • SEO (Put simply, UGC is equal to Unique Content, which gives you an SEO bonus over your competitors). An SEO analyst can help you with this.

What kind of UGC types are there?

Keep in mind that all user-generated content is what was created by customers and has to do with your online store or product. The best-known types of UGC are:

  • customer reviews
  • Photos and videos of enthusiastic customers using the product
  • Photos and videos of the product alone
  • Comments, questions and testimonials
  • Creative creations that arise in a competition

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