Track phone

How to track Android Phone activities in real-time?

Track  Android phone

A vulnerable set of Android phones makes it easy for tracking or real-time monitoring. Most of the time, parents are found reporting for the activities against someone who has trapped their kid in it. So, to avoid such happenings, you will need to be more careful about it. You can Track Android Phone off your kid easily and watch him for the rest of the activities. It is essential for expanding the digital world. It may claim to be safe, but it is not quite as safe as it seems. Kids in teenage have a high tendency to get attracted to the discoveries and they can be misleading for their underdeveloped brains. If you have spyware to watch over them, later you can save them from getting into deeper trouble.

Android Spyware app is like a precautionary measure to be safe and sound and keep your kids into the protection. Well, there are plenty of options that you will find after researching on the internet. The question is, how many of them are providing accuracy and quality features? Features can be the same, but accuracy is different. So, don’t fall for the cheap price or promises. Get the real app like TheOneSpy app to monitor your kids and their activities on every level. 

Features of The On espy That Ensure Real-Time Monitoring

TheOneSpy is one reliable application for android phones. Most users prefer android for cheap rates so, it is easy to find the app. However, the process of a subscription is easy and also, you can easily get the app from their official website. Choose the plan according requirements and price. Purchase follow the steps for process of activation given through the email. Now, let’s jump towards the features you can enjoy after purchasing the android application. 

1. GPS location tracking

Location tracking is one of the common features. Some phone has a built-in app, but TheOneSpy gives you access to everything through a single dashboard. With this feature, you can reach the location or just know the whereabouts of the targeted device. It can be useful in times of robbery or if you think your kid is lying to you about the party. 

2. Email tracking 

Track the email as people can reach these kids through an email too. It is an easy way to market something and then trap a person with less knowledge about fraud. So, track their email through email monitoring feature and read all the conversations. 

3. Call Recordings & contact details

Sneak into the calls and listen to conversations with no breakouts in it. The accuracy of the data transformation is 100% guaranteed. If you can know about the plans of your children, you can track and record their calls or get the contact details to know about the other person. 

4. Social media monitoring

Social media users are more likely to be a part of spreading stupidity online. Save your kids from falling into the trap of fools. There are a bunch of people are non-productive in their lives, and they will always poke their nose in someone’s business. They are like uninvited troubles of your life and they often come from social media. So, track the conversations and make sure your kids are not sharing private information with such people. You don’t want them to get famous for something inappropriate. 

3. Data backup 

Keep a backup of all the data. Now, this feature can be used for personal use. In case of theft, you can always get back your data from the online web portal. 

4. Access to the Media files

Media file sharing is also common among teenagers. Recently, the scandal of the American presidential election clearly shows that they can easily manipulate your decisions based on the information you share on social media. So, help your kids to think from their mind rather than getting into the online created propaganda. 


Listed features are only a limited version of the application. Purchasing the app will give you many other features along with them for a real way to track Android Phone. So, do not let your children deviate from the path of life through the teenage temptations. Keep a check and save them from going in the wrong direction by any means.

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