word of mouth marketing

Why? Word of Mouth Marketing is so incredibly important!

Word of mouth marketing is an action taken by brands that depend on happy consumers and fans to promote a brand organically. One excellent thing about Word of mouth marketing is that it is a form of free-of-cost marketing, i.e. brand’s don’t have to spend money on this type of marketing.

For a brand, Word of mouth is the best way to market themselves. Brands can encourage users to share their experiences with their family, friends, and peers about products, services, and brands. 

According to Neilsen’s survey, 92% of people like to buy those products which are suggested by their friends or family members overpaid marketing. This alone defines the reason why WOMM(word-of-mouth marketing) is so incredibly important.

Plus points of WOM Marketing (Word-of-mouth marketing)

Having the positive Word of mouth from consumers about your brands and its products/services will be an important way of marketing for your organization. The human brain always tends to buy those products which are mostly recommended by other people, especially when they are going to purchase online.

As per the study of Ogilvy Cannes, more than 70% of the consumers refer to Word of mouth to make their buying decisions.

Benefits Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

1. Cost-Free Advertisement:-  

The significant benefit of Word-of-Mouth is that it is free of cost advertisement. Brands don’t have to spend any investment in these advertisements. It depends on the user’s behaviour and experiences.

2. Build Brand Loyalty:- 

Consumers always recommend those products which they like the most. So if your customers are satisfied and happy with your brand’s product, then it surely gratifies them to recommend your brand’s product with their friends, family, and peers.

Moreover, the satisfaction and happiness of consumers will become a trust factor for your brand. It also helps to build long-lasting relationships among your brands and customers.

3. Increase in conversion & sales:-

The most important benefit of positive WOM marketing for brands and businesses is that it can help your brand to increase eCommerce conversion rates and sales. Studies prove that as 9 out of 10 people always trust the recommendations of their friends and family before purchasing something online.

4. Build Social Proof:-  

Having social proof for a brand is one of the crucial tasks, but consumers of your brands can help you in building social proof. You can grow your brand and conversions through words of mouth as well. Consumer’s Word of mouth helps to give proof of authenticity and reliability for your brand.

5. Increase Online Community:-  

In this digital world, experience or opinion by one customer can reach millions of people in a few seconds online. Think, if your brand has a positive word of mouth marketing on the internet as well, then it can help your brand to build an excellent online community.


The aim of the brand should be to deliver the excellent customer’s behaviour through maximum touchpoints and fulfil all expectations and requirements of customers. 

Word of Mouth marketing can be precise in combination with just two words: Trust & satisfaction of customers. People trust the opinions of other people. This makes Word of mouth marketing the most valuable key in the field of marketing for your brands.

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