How to Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Social Selling

How do you find the right influencer for your brand?

This individual has to be popular among an audience relevant to your brand. For instance, a tech brand will not seek an athlete or a model. Instead, they should find an influencer such as Casey Neistab or Tech Review Host.

Furthermore, the influencers need to rank high for keywords you want to target. And they need to be industry authorities and thought leaders.

To find a good match, ask yourself:

  • Will these individuals like my brand?
  • Are they ready to support it?
  • Have they promoted something similar already?
  • Are we picking the right people that match our values?
  • What are their beliefs?  

Finally, find influencers that are pleasant to work with and make sure that they haven’t worked with your rivals.

Build effective relationships with influencers

The first thing after you pick your influencers is reaching out to them.

Contact them and introduce them to your brand. It doesn’t matter if they already know what your brand is about, you should tell them that yourself.

Share as much as you can about your core values and the brand from your own perspective. Tell them what makes your brand unique, what sets it apart from your rivals, and why they should work with you.

Inform them about their potential role and what you expect from them. Explain if you want a blog on an event or a product review, and how they should share that content and engage interest.

If you want to succeed, you should determine the compensation right away so that both parties are satisfied.

Reviews, please!

There is no doubt that product reviews are one of the most popular tactics in influencer marketing.

According to a study from Tubular Insights, consumers are influenced by product reviews after watching branded social content. Furthermore, there are studies stating how a lot of consumers get inspiration to shop from Youtube.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the feedback of past users helps consumers to buy products. After all, they search for reviews on websites such as Amazon or social media comment sections.

So, if you manage to find the right influencer, and if you provide that individual with your product for a review, you are likely to generate a lot of exposure.

Let them be creative

Influencers don’t just do reviews or hired to write content about products. They create entertaining content that usually features a few brands.

Their followers aren’t there just to see what product gets promoted next, they are there to enjoy interesting content.

That is why you should allow influencers to be creative when posting something that features your products on social media. Brainstorm creative hashtag campaigns, run a social media contest. Whatever it takes for them to engage with their users!

Specials, freebies, and great deals

An effective way to engage social followers is to share your discount codes or custom URLs featuring your brand or products.

Either instruct influencers to organize giveaways of your products or let them share custom codes that consumers can use when buying from your website to get discounts.

These tactics are well-known among fashion and retail brands. Influencers usually post their promo codes on their websites, social posts, or YouTube videos, with links to each product page.

Measure the results

Finally, it is crucial that you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with UTM parameters. These will help you track the visitors an influencer sends to your website, and they can also help measure how much engagement the campaign receives.

When you assign each influencer their own links with UTM codes, you will get a clear picture of the results. In turn, this will allow you to calculate the impact on your bottom line.

Also, ask the influencers to send you reports on the reach and engagement levels of their posts where your products are featured.

Over to you now!

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