How to use ecards to drive traffic to your website

If you have a website, one of your marketing headaches is bound to be how to drive traffic to your website, at a cost that does not hurt your bank balance too much. Google PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your site.  However with a single click, that may or may not convert to a sale, costing upwards of $10 in some cases. You certainly do not want to put all your digital marketing budget on that.

Facebook advertising is another way to acquire digital  traffic. It is somehow less expensive than Google Pay Per Click. So spending some money on Facebook adverts should be another excellent way to spend your digital marketing advertisement budget. 

But what if you can generate a whole lot of traffic yourself, organically through your website? Just think of all the savings you can make, by not spending too much on Google PPC and by making saving on Facebook advertisement. So what is this magical traffic source that will drive this traffic to your website? It is just a simple electronic card, popularly known as ecards. 

What makes an ecard a good traffic driver?

Ecards are just an electronic version of greeting cards, we all send to friends, family and colleagues on special occasions. There are a slew of occasions when we send cards. From 18th birthday celebration to when old John retired after 50 years service to your company.  

In recent times, social media and other digital platforms have made sending ecards very popular. Many charities, including water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring uses their ecards website to generate revenue to fund their good work.

By installing a simple ecard app on your website, and adding ecards that are relevant to your niche. You could tap into the popularity of ecards, go drive traffic to your website, free of charge.

How to add an ecard application to your website

There are ecard apps for every platform you can think of. The example site in this article, is a WordPress powered website, where the ecards app was installed in a sub folder simply called ecards. Once you have your ecards application in place, you just need to populate it with ecards for those occasions when people send loads of ecards. With you ecards application in place, add sign post to your website, to let visitors know where to find it. Optimise it for search engines, and in due course, you can sit back and watch as your ecards app brings free traffic to your website. 

Key dates in eCard sending calendar

Valentines day – This is one of the busiest days, as lovers and courting couples send messages to each other. You should ensure you have a wide variety of ecards for your visitors to choose from. If your website sells gift items, such as jewellery. You should make purchasing one of your products and sending an ecard with it easy for them. This will certainly increase your sales. 

Mother’s  day – Is another occasion when a lot of ecards are sent. Mother’s day ecard has been broadened out to include sending ecards to someone who is not necessarily your mother, but fulfils a mother’s role, for example some husbands send mother’s day ecard to their wife, on behalf of their children. 

Father’s day – Though some ecards are sent on father’s day, the volume is not as much as those sent on mother’s day. If you do not have too much time to spend on stocking your ecards website, you may not want to bother with father’s day, because of low demand volume. 

Christmas –  This is the most popular time of the year, to send an ecard.  More than 50 percent of the ecards transaction going through your site, will be a Christmas card.  Christmas cards are particularly popular with those who forgot to send a paper Christmas card through the postal system. 

Birthdays – Birthday ecards, unlike the others are not seasonal, beaue it is always someone or the other’s birthday every single day. Birthday ecards will give you a steady stream of traffic, as people come to your site to send a birthday ecard each day. 

Some WordPress ecards app worth checking out

  • eCards lite plugin
  • WP Ecards
  • WP iEcards
  • Temi’s eCard plugin
  • eCard plugin for WordPress
  • eCards for Woocommerce
  • Wolfie eCards


While the old saying that there is no free lunch in Moscow holds true, when applied to digital marketing. By thinking out of the box, for example  installing a simple ecards app on your website. You can attract traffic, at a fraction of what you will otherwise pay for PayPerClick advert on Google or Facebook advertising. May clever marketeers have used this method to generate traffic and reduce their advertising budget. 

Author’s bio

Temi Odurinde is a webmaster and digital marketing professionals. He likes to read and write about ways to generate traffic to the website he is currently trying to to grow: Haba Naija information portal. 

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