How to create Instagram Slider Widget Using Taggbox Widget

Instagram, the photo-sharing social media giant, has become the number one priority of brand marketers. Instagram, too, is introducing features to keep up with businesses’ requirements and make it more user-friendly. 

According to marketing stats, around 200 million users visit their favorite business accounts on Instagram every day. Hence, the user-engagement rate is 15 times higher compared to any other social media platform. 

So, wouldn’t be a plus that this user-engagement and traffic from Instagram, in any way, could be diverted to businesses’ prime marketing touchpoints? 

Yes, we are talking about a company’s website and yes, it is possible through Instagram Slider Widget

Brand users usually share their product experiences on Instagram. By showcasing the best of the UGC on the website, businesses could build a brand reputation among website visitors, which drives conversions. 

At the end of the day, that’s a goal of any business, isn’t it? 

Instagram Slider Widget could easily be embedded on the website by using a new-age tool such as Taggbox. 

What is  Instagram Slider Widget?

Instagram slider widget is a collection of brand consumers’ posts curated from Instagram. The posts can be curated using the business Instagram handle (@) or simply by using a hashtag (#) that a brand has used in its Instagram marketing campaign. 

The Instagram feed can be custom-made to suit the theme and feel of the website. It also gives you the freedom to showcase the majority of posts from Instagram on website without taking up much space on the homepage. Website visitors can simply hover over the posts to view the content. 

Through Instagram Slider Widget on the official website, brands could not only boost user-engagement but also improve the website performance and SEO ranking. Apart from functionality, Instagram sliders are also a visual treat and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a website. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Slider Widget On The Website

1. Engages Website Visitors

Visual content catches people’s eyes better than texts. When the visually pleasing content from Instagram is linked to the website, it engages the users. Over time, this engagement is what makes the website shine in the search rankings. 

2. Increases User Dwell Time

In website analytics, dwell time simply means the amount of time a visitor spends on the homepage before returning to the search results. An important user-experience metric, dwell time is insightful for website owners to know if their content is clicking with users or not. 

Instagram content when being introduced on the website increases the dwell time of visitors for the very reason that it’s engaging! This improves the SERPs and SEO performance of a brand website. 

3. Enhances Social Proof

First of all, what is Social Proof?

It is a psychological phenomenon that marketers use to put their brand on the map. The concept behind leveraging social proof in the marketing campaigns is that people mostly go for the popular choice. 

When content from Instagram is showcased on the website, it makes the visitors experience the “brand following” of your business. When they see that users like them put their faith in your brand and products, they too will likely follow the lead. 

4. Create Shoppable Product Galleries

One of the significant perks of using the user-generated content from Instagram on the website is easy e-commerce. Users coming to the website, especially for the first time, could see that a product is already being used by many. The buying choices of existing consumers could be used to drive the purchasing decisions of new ones by creating shoppable product galleries from Instagram. 

How To Embed Instagram Slider Widget On Website Using Taggbox?

Follow these quick and easy steps to add Instagram Slider Widget on your company’s website- 

  • On the dashboard, click on the “Create Wall” option and name the wall as per your choice. After creating a feed-wall, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Choose Instagram from the available sources. 
  • When clicked on Instagram, you will be asked to connect to Instagram account. On successful completion, all the posts from your feed will be available on the wall created. 
  • To personalize the wall as per your website’s theme, you could simply just go on the “Personalize” button on the dashboard. There are a huge number of Instagram widget themes that could be used to customize the feed. The horizontal orientation of posts is suggested for Instagram but it depends on the creator’s preference. 
  • After customizing the wall, click on the DISPLAY option and then hit the EMBED IN WEBSITE tab. After selecting the website platform, a code will be generated on the screen. 
  • Copy the embed code and paste it on the Website’s backend and you are good to go!


With Taggbox, integrating Instagram Slider Widget on the website is a cakewalk! You could also filter the content from the wall which you think is lowering the content quality. But, what’s best when using Taggbox is that you don’t have to create a different embed code every time you want to make a change in the widget on the website. 

Instagram Slider Widget could take your website to the next level and put you ahead of the competitors in the market. A responsive Instagram media slider with movable animations and transitions could be created within minutes on Taggbox. It’s quick and hassle-free! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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