How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

Google reviews work as amazing proof of your brand. They are the breakers and makers of your brand and help in building a reputation for the brand. 

However, good reviews work extremely well to build a solid reputation for the brand. Hence, it is important to utilize Google reviews widget. 

Google reviews are the reviews and testimonials left by the exiting costumes of the brand to give the potential customers an insight into their experience with the brand and how effective the products and services are. 

For Google reviews, the brand needs to have an account on the Google My Business page that creates a space for the customers to leave reviews behind. 

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews Widget On Website 

Now that you are familiar with what Google reviews are and how they can prove to be beneficial for your brand, we shall now be talking about the benefits of Google reviews widget on your website. 

Keep reading to find out the multiple benefits of Google reviews – 

  • It helps in building the trust of the website visitors 
  • Enhances conversions and sales 
  • More the reviews, the higher ranking on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) 
  • Beautifies the overall look of the website 
  • It helps build a stronger customer-brand relationship
  • Increases engagement of the visitors on the website 

Tools To Embed Google Review Widget On Website

Since now you know about the definition of Google reviews and their incredible benefits, it is now time to reveal the best tools to embed Google reviews widget on your website. 

The tools mentioned below are easy to use and set up and do not require any knowledge, technical expertise, or coding skills to complete the process. 

1. Taggbox Widget

The first on the list is Taggbox Widget, the best User-generated content and social media aggregation tool that allows users to collect, curate, and embed Google reviews widget on the website. 

The tool does not have a complex structure and is extremely easy to use, and functions extremely well. 

This super responsive tool offers many additional features like customization to enhance the looks of the widget using preferred templates, layouts, themes, fonts, colors, etc. 

The tool offers an advanced moderation panel to filter out any unwanted content from the widget to maintain the content of topmost quality. 

Analyzing the widget is extremely important, and the platform understands this. The tool gives the users multiple options to track the performance of the widget. It shows the user’s overall impressions, customer behavioral analysis, the number of clicks, the number of views, etc. 

Additionally, the tool also offers robust customer support assistance to all its users to help the users every time they come across a technical issue. 

2. Tagembed

Another efficient tool to embed Google reviews widget on the website is Tagembed. Tagembed is a social media aggregation tool and a UGC platform that works seamlessly to do the needful in a few easy steps. 

The tool is simple to use and does not require any prior embedding knowledge. 

The tool offers multiple features to the users, including customization options, content moderation options to maintain the content of utmost quality, an advanced analytics option, and good back support for assisting the users. 

3. Elfsight

Another popular social media aggregator that works well to embed Google Reviews widget on website is Elfsight. 

The platform offers customization options to display the widget beautifully on the website. 

Using the platform, users can display the widget in the form of a grid, slideshow, or slider to enhance the look of the widget and the website. 

Additionally, the users have the option to change the template as per their preference to make the widget more attractive and appealing. 

4. WordPress Plugin For Embedding Google Review Widget

The WordPress platform itself offers users multiple plugins options to embed Google reviews on the website. 

The plugin allows users to automatically publish reviews on the website around their business. You can use the other functionality of the plugins and leverage features like customization, content moderation, and advanced analytics. You can change the look and feel of the Google reviews widget as per the overall look and feel of your website.

Closing Note

Embedding Google Reviews on the website is an extremely efficient way to gain the trust of your audience, increase the engagement of your website visitors, increase their dwell time, and eventually gain more conversions and revenues. 

Since now you are well aware of Google reviews, the amazing benefits it offers, and the best tools to embed Google reviews on the website, get set and ready to maximize the profits of your business using the content created by your existing customers! 

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