How To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

To start with, a user review is the evaluation of a brand or its products/services on the metrics such as quality, quantity, aesthetics, worth, etc. that customers experienced while using the product/services.

Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

Taggbox Widget, as a UGC platform, is one of the best tools to embed Google reviews widget on the website. So, here we have mentioned the simple and easy steps using which you can embed Google reviews on the website.

Steps to embed Google Reviews Widget

  1. Create an account on Taggbox Widget

2. Now click on create wall button to create a review widget

3. Give a name to your wall and click on create wall.

4. Now select Google reviews as a source from the popup.

5. Enter the location or sign up through Google business profile.

6. Taggbox will fetch reviews into review widget.

7. Now click on display button to embed widget on website.

8. Now click on embed in website and select the website building platform.

9. Click on get code button and copy the embed code.

10. Paste the embed code at the backend of your website.

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