How To Add Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store

Shopify is a popular website CMS that businesses & brands use to sell their products on by building a store on the Shopify platform.

Online commerce has become quite a challenging & competitive ecosystem that needs immense efforts into strategies & integrations to make your website more engaging, trustworthy, and shoppable. 

But how do you find such opportunities that can help you achieve these goals? Well! We have a solution to amplify your Shopify store performance i.e. adding an Instagram feed to your store. 

So, let’s get started with what is an Instagram feed followed by how to add the Instagram feed to the Shopify store. 

What Is An Instagram Feed? 

An Instagram feed is a feed of content that has been aggregated from Instagram using elements like hashtags, mentions, handle, etc. and that feed can be embedded into your website. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion active users monthly and over half a billion daily active users. Also, Instagram has the best user engagement rate among social media platforms. 

The reason for this is the diverse and engaging visual content such as beautiful images, captivating videos, etc. Not just that, there are millions of global brands present on Instagram. 

Instagram is heavily used by users to explore products that they want to buy especially if we talk about the fashion & accessories industry along with many other industries. So, it is a perfect platform to integrate with your Shopify store. 

So here we have listed a few ways through which you can add the Instagram feed to your Shopify store.

How To Add Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store

1. Taggbox Instagram Widget

Taggbox Instagram widget from Taggbox is a product that lets you curate and embed content from Instagram into your Shopify store. The tool lets you easily integrate your widget with Instagram & your Shopify store. 

You can curate content using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. from Instagram into an Instagram feed. The tool gives you scalable customization options like themes, designs, styles, colors, fonts, card designs, layouts, etc. 

The tool also has an advanced content moderation option that lets you build a content filter to divide valuable content from irrelevant content. You also get automatic content updates in real-time from Instagram to your feed. 

Along with these features, you also get features like UGC rights management, shoppable posts, easy integration process, secure & reliable, custom posts, API access, announcements, banners, etc. 

The best part is that this tool is free to use and comes with a hub of features. You can also integrate another website CMS as well. 

2. Elfsight Instagram Feed

Elfsight is also a popular tool for adding social media content to your website and it gives you the option to create your Instagram feed and embed that feed to your Shopify store easily. 

The tool has various plans and pricing options to choose from that come wth a hub of features. It is highly customizable with diverse theme options, pre-defined feed templates, colors & styles, layouts, etc. 

You can curate content using hashtags, usernames, locations, etc. and the tool gives you an option to filter the feed content to remover or restrict any irrelevant Instagram content. 

It allows you to create an engaging and attractive Instagram feed with infinite scrolling options, follow buttons, call-to-actions, post information, social sharing, carousel images & videos, fully responsive, etc. and much more. You can also limit the number of posts or resizing of your feed as well. 

3. SnapWidget Instagram Widget

Snapwidget is popularly known for integrating social media platform widgets to different website platforms. Similarly, it also gives you the option to create & embed an Instagram widget on your Shopify store. 

The process is quite easy and simple and the Instagram widget is highly customizable with different feed layouts, display carousel posts, add announcements & banners, get instant updates from Instagram automatically, and many more customization options. 

The tool has various plans & pricing options to choose from depending upon the requirements & budget. Besides, the pro plan for Instagram widget offers features like creating hashtags widgets, adding a welcome banner, etc.

Also, you have the option to filter content using usernames or hashtags, add custom posts to your feed, get priority customer support, get widget analytics, etc. The downside is the update time where the minimum updates time is every 5 minutes where you can find other tools offering instant updates. 


These are some of the best tools to create and add the Instagram feed to your Shopify stores. The benefits are endless when you integrate such engaging and exciting content to your website. 

The users will spend more time on your website, more impressions & traffic from search engines, improve search engine ranking, boost user engagement, create an engaging visual experience on the website, promote your brand, and most importantly increase the chances of conversions & revenue from your Shopify store. 

So, after knowing about Instagram feed, its beneficial capabilities for your website & overall business along with tools to add the Instagram feed to Shopify, it is time that you get started and leverage this opportunity. 

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