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Top Website Widgets To Improve Your Website Performance

We all know how hugely digital media and commerce are influencing the purchasing decisions and behaviors of billions of users globally and that has led to online storefronts’ i.e. website becoming immensely crucial for any brand. 

The website has become a crucial channel for brands to communicate, promote, transact, and engage with consumers. So, as the website’s importance is rising, it is essential to leverage tools and technologies for website performance enhancement. 

Widgets are emerging tools for a website that can help you maximize your performance and returns. So, here we have listed the best widgets to improve your website. 

What Is A Website Widget?

A website widget is a third-party software application that allows you to extremely crucial and beneficial external components to your website in a quest to make it more informative, engaging, and interactive. 

The widgets are a solution that allows you to make exponential changes to your website without having to make permanent changes to your website’s coding and design.

This gives you the flexibility to integrate the widgets whenever needed and remove it as per requirements. The aim is to enhance your website’s user experience and functionality to attract, engage, and convert visitors into customers. 

So, here ware those best website widgets to help you improve your website performance. 

Website Widgets To Improve Your Website Performance

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a product of Taggbox that allows you to discover and curate content from social media and digital platforms into a feed and embed it on your website as a social media feed, or user reviews feed, or UGC feed, or hashtag feed, or a visual gallery. 

You can integrate content using hashtags, handles, profiles, pages, channels, feed, tags, mentions, etc. The tool allows easy integration of widget with HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. 

It also gives you the option to make creative and captivating customization through themes, layouts, design elements, colors, fonts, etc. Along with that, you can also moderate content to maintain premium quality and remove irrelevant content. 

It is free to use widget that provides real-time automatic content updates and it is highly responsive and easy to use which enhances the website user experience and engages the users to the website.

2. Disqus

Disqus is a blog comment hosting platform that comes with vast features and functionalities that help you manage your online reader communities and engagingly interact with them. 

Engagement is an important metric for any website and blogs are an important part of attracting the traffic and engaging them on your website and comments are an integral part of these blogs. 

The tool helps in managing the comments on your blogs, moderate which comments to show and which ones to hide or remove, build online engagement communities, add sign-in options, etc. 

The tool also provides actionable analytics into audiences and monitor the performance along with making cross-site notifications. It is an excellent tool to empower your website content and blogs. 

3. Swiftype

Swiftype is an extremely intuitive and powerful search engine for your interactive website navigation and enhanced user experience. Website navigation helps in allowing users to easily and quickly navigate through the website and find results to what they are looking for. 

It is a fast and easy navigation tool where you can enter your website address and it will automatically index your website and will create a comprehensive real-time search engine for your website. 

The predictive and intuitive functionality will provide the autocompletion of user queries and autofill the search. The integration of Swiftype search bar does not require any coding or technical changes to the website. 

The tool comes with features like Spellchecks, bigram matching, phrase matching, stemming, SOC 2 security compliance, and user data security, etc. along with giving access to developers through API access for the widget. 

4. Mailchimp

You might have heard of this tool by now, Mailchimp is an email management and marketing tool that can be immensely useful for the website in their data collection process. 

You can use the sign-up widget on your website to allow the users to signup on your platform and using this widget you can collect necessary information about users along with the most crucial information i.e. email addresses. 

The integration of this widget is easy and simple where you just have to embed the code simply in your website HTML and display it on your website without making any changes to your website code. 

You get various layout options, customization functionality, addition or removal of ingredients, and much more. Email addresses are important in this digital age it provides a way of interaction, engagement, and promotions for your brand. 

Also, the email marketing management feature allows you to create promotional campaigns that are personalized, humanized, and extremely effective with high click-through rates. 


Widgets can prove to be highly fruitful for driving the website results and the best part is that these widgets are cost-effective and do not require any technical expertise. 

This effective and efficient method can help you build brand trust, gather and display content, manage valuable content, increase user engagement & dwell time, drive traffic to your website, collect visitors’ information, manage analytics, etc. 

Now that you know what these website widgets are, how they can be beneficial to your website and business, and finally the best widgets that can improve your website performance. 

So, get started now and explore the opportunities to drive your website & business growth and success. 

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