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Twitter Widget – Easily Embed Twitter on Your Website or Blog

The power of social media is massive, nobody can deny the fact that social media has become part of our lives. Especially Twitter which is successful in connecting people all around the world whether celebrities, brands, or individuals. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms when it comes to the promotion of brands. Brands promote their business, run hashtag campaigns, connect with the audience on Twitter. 

Embedding Twitter widgets to your website or blog is a great way to tell about your social presence to the visitors on your website, also to keep your website updated with fresh twitter content. 

In this blog let’s discuss What are Twitter widgets and how can you go about embedding them onto your websites and blogs. 

What are Twitter Widget?

Twitter Widget is a live wall with a collection of your latest tweets pulled-in from your latest tweets hashtags posts, twitter mentions on your website. You can also customize your Twitter wall and embed it the way you want. 

Most of the brands have started integrating twitter widgets on their official websites even on blogs and have also experienced positive results for the same. It is proved to be an effective tactic to increase user engagement.

 Also, it is proved that user-generated content adds glory to your websites, as when your customer’s posts using your said hashtag or mention you in their posts they are creating social proof for your brand.UGC helps your brand to expose to a wider audience and ultimately helps you in increasing sales as well as customer base for your brand. 

Now the question comes in mind how to embed Twitter Widget on your website. 

Let’s discuss the two major ways by which you can do this. 

Default Method Embedding from Twitter Widget Itself –

Twitter itself provides an option of embedding Twitter Timeline or individual tweets. It is an easy, free, and convenient with which you can customize your twitter wall and display it the way you want on your websites and blogs. With Twitter, you can add either individual posts or you can go for displaying the entire Twitter timeline. 

  • To display the twitter timeline 

In order to add twitter timeline navigate to “”. 

Enter the twitter handle in the search box and hit the arrow button. 

Click on the “Embed Timeline” option. After this, you can customize the timeline the way you want it to look on your website or blog and also specify the height and width that suits you. 

Embed URL is generated, which you can copy and paste at the backend of your website or wherever you want it to be displayed. 

  • To display individual posts 

To display individual post login to your Twitter account.

Choose the tweet you want to embed. Choose “Embed Tweet” by clicking on the down arrow from the top right corner.

You will be redirected to “” wherein you can customize yourtweets and later copy and paste the embed code wherever you want. 

The above method is super convenient to display your twitter feeds, although this method is limited to some extent. You cannot show hashtags and user-generated posts or merge different hashtags or handle posts in a single feed. This can be done by social media aggregators. There are various aggregators available on web. 

With social media aggregators, brands can collect different hashtag posts, mentions, tweets from the handle in a single feed Aggregating tool like Taggbox also allows us to personalize your twitter feed according to seasons, occasions, website look.

Personalization panel comprises of different themes, background, custom posts, and many more features to make your twitter feed look attractive and vibrant. With Taggbox you can also filter out the unwanted posts using moderation feature. Finally, when you display a widget on your website or blog you can also track the performance of your social wall with the analytics features. With social media aggregators, you can enjoy additional features like custom CSS, UGC rights management, adding collaborators to your account, and many more. You can also check on the features by using a free trial account to test out the features. Social media aggregators are the best tool for showcasing user-generated content that too in real-time, so your website is always updated with fresh content. 


In order to create an online brand identity, it is important to link your brand’s social media channels like Twitter with your websites. In this way, it gets easier to your audience with your brand. Here was everything you need to know about Twitter widgets, it benefits and how to embed it on your website. So, why are you still waiting? Start integrating this strategy into your marketing and see the fantastic results yourself. 

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