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Social Media Aggregation: What Is It and Why Businesses Use It

It is no doubt social media with 3.8 billon user has become an omnipresent medium to connect with people and now is an essential part of a lifestyle for many and also an important marketing platform for businesses.

Social media’s international, regional, and local reach has made it a best-suited platform for business. Moreover, the best part of social media is its user engagement that not only allows direct purchases but in hand also gives insights for future marketing.

The reason behind the tremendous success of social media is its users and their content.

And nowadays, one can easily aggregate this priceless user-generated content from all the major social media platforms to one place. Thanks to social media aggregator tools

Social Media Aggregation Tools

There are plenty of social media aggregator tools available in the market that not only has the capability to integrate social media feeds but also provides various themes and features.

And with social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, one can also moderate and filter the feeds according to their wish. Moreover, it is also possible to view the integrated feed on the other social, digital signage board.

If you’re curious about what more can be done with these tools, then here are some of the use cases for you:

Curation: With the help of these tools, one can easily create the desires social media feed wall as he wants by applying the required query to hunt down the most relevant content from all the major social media platforms to one place. 

Personalization: These tools allow you to design and style the aggregated feed in your style 

This feature allows you to change shape, size, color, and even the card style of the feeds. Moreover, one can also apply the themes of his or her choice.

Moderation: In simpler words, it is the removal of unwanted feeds from the curated feeds 

This protects our stream from any of the spammy feeds, indeed giving the user the best of the best social media content available in a particular niche.

Embed In Website: With the help of Taggbox, you can easily embed the social media feeds and integrate the feeds on your website that not only gives you website lively looks but in hand also improves the user experience on the website.

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Events: It is no doubt that events are social and cultural affair, and it is a mandatory obligation for it to showcase its presence in social media for it to be grandeur.

And here social media aggregator tools is no less than a blessing it allows you to filter the content on the basis of the hashtag, profile URL and queries from all the major social media platform and display it at one place.

Digital Signage: Not all, but many social media aggregation tools like Taggbox allows you to directly display the integrated social media feeds on the digital signage birds.

Corporate Internal Communications: Social Media Aggregation tools are now extensively used by corporates in their internal communications. How? Well! These tools provide a secure socket space solely dedicated to a particular people only, hereby using their internal office digital signages corporates can display their messages with all its employees, or if there any product campaign going on social media, then that could be displayed using these tools.

Product Campaign For The Business: Social media have been amazingly successful in recent years and have bought a fortune to businesses, with the help of social media aggregation tools businesses business is able to run a social media campaign on a mass scale flawlessly.

Features like analytics have helped the business to keep track of the real-time insights or mood of the people about their social media campaign.


Social media has now become an integral part of our lives and can’t be neglected by businesses.

But fortunately, thanks to the creating of social media aggregation tools that not only allow the business to aggregate the feeds from all the major social media platforms in one place but also allow us to personalize the feeds according to our needs.

Moderation features provided by some of the tools like Taggbox keep us away from the unwanted and spammy post, thus filtering out the best social media content for us.

From all the above instances, it is clear that these tools play an important role in the marketing of the brands by leveraging the brand to display its best social media user-generated content on multiple platforms like digital signage and website.

Is it possible to aggregate UGC from all the major social media platforms to one place? 

Yes! Now it is very much possible to aggregate social media feeds from all the major platforms, Thanks to social media aggregator tools that allows the 

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