Tagbox — A Complete UGC Marketing Solution with Robust Features & Products

Social media aggregation has become the need of the marketing world because of the increase in the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Brands often leverage social media aggregator tools to collect, curate, and showcase user-generated content on different marketing channels like websites, digital signages, etc.

We have penned down this blog to tell you about one of the most popular and mind blowing social media aggregator tools i.e. Tagbox.

So, delve in to know more about it!

Tagbox- One Stop Destination for Social Media Aggregation

Taggbox as a social media aggregator tool or you can also say UGC platforms help brands to collect valuable UGC from diverse social media platforms via hashtags, mentions, handles, etc, and curate it into a single feed or a UGC marketing campaign.

Denoted as a Social Media Wall, this beautiful feed is also which can be embedded or displayed on multiple marketing channels such as websites, digital signages, etc.

Be it a small-sized business, medium, or big one, Taggbox offers digital marketing solutions that convert users into brand trust & success.

Also, this UGC platform is compatible with almost every website building platform like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc.

On the other hand, there’s a big list of robust features offered by Taggbox that you will find below!

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Features to Blow Your Mind


Tagbox tool offers a variety of customization features that you can apply on your raw social media feeds to make them look amazing.

For instance, brands can change the entire theme, font sizes & colors, banners, backgrounds, etc. of their choice from the designing options available.


As we all know that social media is accessible by anyone and everyone from all over the world, so to protect your online content from vulgar or unwanted keywords & phrases is quite important.

Keeping this in mind, Tagbox has created the Moderation Panel that helps in eliminating all the irrelevant content from your social media feeds.


Understanding both the positives & negatives in your UGC campaign to measure its performance is very vital.

And insightful analytics are the best way to get details of how your campaign is performing, total impressions, most active users, and more.

Speaking of the Analytics feature offered by Taggbox, it offers sentiment analysis to understand the emotions and sentiments of the audience towards your UGC campaign.

4. UGC Rights Management

The ultimate UGC rights management feature offered by Tagbox helps you get the legal rights of user-generated content. When you take rightful permission you can leverage UGC for your brand’s marketing campaigns.


There are many other features offered by Tagbox such as Ticker, Hashtag Highlighter, Custom CSS, FullScreen Announcements, Profanity Filter, Content Play, etc.

Products Offered By Taggbox

There are mainly 5 products that are covered by Tagbox, and the brief information of each of them are mentioned below!

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1. Real-Time Social Media Wall For ‘Events’

Taggbox Social Wall helps in collecting, moderating & customizing, and displaying valuable user-generated content on digital screens at various events.

This social wall not only let you boost audience engagement, attract sponsors but also improve the goodwill of your brand.

2. Taggbox Widget

Have you ever seen a widget on a website? If no, then you can easily embed a social media widget on your website with the help of Taggbox.

Well, Taggbox widget is a mindblowing product offered that helps in collecting social media feeds from various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc, (via hashtags, mentions, handles, etc.).

All these aggregated social feeds are then curated into a single feed i.e. Social Wall, which can be embedded on a website in real-time to boost site traffic, increase sales & revenue, enhance dwell time, and more.

3. Taggbox Signage

Taggbox signage is another amazing product that you can leverage to boost reach & engagement, grow trust & conversions, etc. by curating valuable content and displaying it across signages globally.

4. Taggbox Commerce

As the trend of social shopping is gaining popularity amongst the brands all across the globe, Tagbox found the need to launch a product that helps brands to boost their sales, build brand trust & credibility, deliver a fulfilling shopping experience, etc.

Therefore their newest product Tagbox Commerce came into existence. This one-stop solution for social shopping turns social content into Shoppable that can be embedded on a website, emails, or in-store.

Users can shop the products in real-time just by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ option. Also, they can shop for the complete look as shown in UGC posts.

5. Taggbox UGC Rights Management

Last but not least, Taggbox new UGC Rights Management feature simply help brands to get legal rights from content creator to repurpose user-generated content for their marketing purposes.

In short, this product allows brands to collect, customize, and repurpose users’ content rightfully by getting consent from content creators.


Leverage this UGC platform or social media aggregator tool to help your brand become successful in this competitive world.

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