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Best Tools To Embed Social Media Feeds On The Website 2021

Social media is highly leveraged by its users to voice their opinions resulting which it is full of User-Generated content, i.e., the content created by your users about your brand. Mainly users post such content on their social media handles in different ways to express what they feel and have experienced with the brand. 

When displayed on the website, such content can help your brand tremendously by increasing engagement, conversions, and ultimately sales. In addition, you can highly benefit by embedding such content into your website in the form of a social media feed widget. 

You must now be wondering that embedding sounds extremely technical and is a difficult task, but it does not require any technical expertise or coding. It can be done easily using a responsive tool. 

Even though there are multiple tools available, in this blog, we shall be shedding light on the benefits of embedding social media feeds and the best tools that you can utilize for embedding social media feeds on your website. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Do Brands Need To Embed Social Media Feeds On The Website?

Social media feeds, when embedded on the website, have multiple added advantages apart from making your website more attractive, appealing, and organized due to its unified presentation. 

We are listing below a few points that make it necessary for every brand to embed social media feeds on their websites – 

  • Helps in increasing user engagement
  • Builds a social proof 
  • Increases brand trust and value 
  • Makes the website attractive
  • Reduces website bounce rate
  • Showcases User-Generated Content 
  • Increases conversions and sales 
  • Increases dwell time of website visitors 

Top 5 Tools To Embed Social Media Feeds On The Website

We are sure you must be convinced to embed social media feeds on the website. Keep reading as we have listed the best tools for the embedding process. 

Taggbox Widget  

First on the list is Taggbox Widget, the best social media aggregator tool that helps you collect the content from your preferred social media platform, curates it all, and embeds it on your website beautifully. 

Taggbox provides the users with many outstanding features for customizing the widget. It offers a customization panel using which you can customize the widget by changing the font, color theme, layout, and design and design it according to your website. 

add social media feed on website

The tool also offers a moderation panel that can help the users maintain the quality of the content by removing any unwanted or objectionable content. 

The advanced analytics feature helps you in gaining insights into the performance of the widget. 

Taggbox has an integration with all the major website building platforms, and following a few easy steps, you can seamlessly embed the content in your website. 


Another efficient tool is Miappi, which allows users to easily collect the content and embed it on the website. Using Miappi, users can create a high-quality social media widget that can drastically increase visitors’ engagement to the website. 


Being an RSS widget, FeedWind is an extremely easy-to-use tool that provides a super-easy way of embedding social media content into the website. 

FeedWind lets the users customize the widget by selecting from various layouts and has other amazing features too! 


Tagembed is another highly responsive and easy-to-use social media aggregator that collects and embeds the content on the website in a few simple steps. 

This tool lets the users customize the content by selecting from a variety of incredible customization options. The moderation panel of Tagembed lets you filter out any obscene content and publishes valuable content. 

The analytics option helps you track the performance of the social media feeds on the website. 


SnapWidget is another efficient social media aggregator that lets you collect content from various social media platforms and embeds it seamlessly on the website. 

The tool also provides various customization options, and the feed on the website gets updated automatically after a new update on the social media platform. 

Closing Note

Embedding social media feeds on your website is the most efficient way to increase revenue and conversions, and every brand must surely adopt this amazing marketing strategy. 

Suppose you are a brand and have been brainstorming about finding the ultimate marketing technique to increase traffic and engagement on your website. In that case, this blog must have provided you with the ultimate solution! 

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