Instagram Widget – Everything You Should Know About It

With the growing popularity of Instagram among users worldwide, businesses are integrating Instagram in their marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll see how to embed Instagram Widget on Websites & it’s benefits.

What is Instagram Widget?

Instagram Widget is the collection of relevant Instagram Feeds that are aggregated and organized in a meaningful way that makes sense for viewers. 

This Instagram widget can then be embedded into the websites and emails etc for marketing purposes. 

You can add the Instagram Widget on the sidebar, footer, or anywhere you wish on the website.

Now, let’s understand the benefits of using Instagram Widget for websites.

Benefits of using Instagram Feed Widget for Marketers

Instagram is an interactive visual-sharing platform that lets users exchange their thoughts, ideas with one another. Businesses use it widely to share their products and offerings with their audience and grow their business at the same time. These feeds can be incorporated into websites for the following benefits:

1. Brand Awareness

Instagram is highly used by users but your website visitors don’t need to be following your Instagram Handle.

Hence, you can embed Instagram feed Widget on websites to showcase your Instagram feeds to your followers and raise awareness. If they like your content they will follow you on Instagram.

2. Social Proof

Display the trust and opinion of your satisfied customers to your website visitors, technically, known as User-Generated Content. 

It acts as a word of mouth that helps visitors to make a decision. Hence, build trust and brand loyalty among your followers.

3. Increase Dwell Time

Raise the performance of your website on SERP by increasing dwell time and decreasing the bounce rate of your website. Interactive Instagram Widget will let your website visitors scroll through the feeds and stay longer on your webpage. You can almost display all of your Handle content as well as user-generated content.

4. Freshness to websites

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and appealing in terms of visualization. When you add such feeds with real-time updates it will bring freshness to your website. So, every time a user visits your website they won’t see the same content again and again.

5. Generate More UGC

Embedding User-Generated Content on websites will encourage users to publish more such contents which can be beneficial for your marketing campaigns. Not only that when their followers will see those published content on your website they will also wish to do the same. Hence, you’ll have a huge collection of social proof, in other words, UGC.

6. Increase User-Engagement

The essential thing for any brand is the user-engagement. The reason behind it is that not every brand or website owner offers an engaging Instagram feed Widget on their website. If your competitors are one of them then it is a win-win condition for you. 

7. Strong Instagram Profile

Build your Instagram profile strong. No matter how your Instagram Handle is performing, as you embed the Instagram widget in your website you’ll be driving traffic from your website to your Instagram profile. Thus, increase the engagement as well as build a strong Instagram profile. 

8. Enhance conversion and Sales

Embedding Instagram Widget to your website will enhance the conversion rate and sales for your business and brand. With the help of social proof, engagement, UGC, etc help visitors to make decisions to make purchases. These all can be done when your Instagram Widget is augmented with relevant and meaningful content.

Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Websites

Based on productivity, features and affordability here are some of the best tools to embed Instagram Widget on websites.

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a social media aggregator tool that lets you aggregate, curate, and embed social media feeds on websites, emails, and more.

Steps to embed Instagram feeds on websites:

  1. Create A Free Taggbox Widget Account.
  2. Add Instagram as feed source.
  3. Now click on Publish button to generate the Instagram widget embed code.
  4. Copy the embed code and paste it on your website backend.

It facilitates some powerful methods to aggregate almost all of your relevant Instagram feeds such as:

  • Hashtag
  • Handle
  • Mentions
  • Tagged
  • Stories etc

2. Tagembed

Tagembed is a free forever social media aggregator tool that lets you collect, organize and integrate social media feeds into websites. 

It lets you aggregate feeds from multiple sources such as hashtags, Handle, Mentions, Stories, etc.

You can later organize the widget using the following features: 

  • Customization
  • Moderation
  • Filter
  • Custom CSS
  • Analytics
  • Website Compatibility
  • Custom Posts
  • Banner

Make your Instagram Widget elegant and appealing for viewers using the following features and many more.

Finally, embed it into your website choosing your relevant website platform.

3. Official Instagram Embed

Instagram also possesses the ability to let users embed any Instagram Post on websites and it is free for everyone.

To embed the Instagram Feeds using the official method follow the following steps:

  • Choose your relevant Instagram Feeds
  • Click on the three dots () mentioned above the post.
  • Select Embed option
  • Embed Code will be generated
  • Click Copy Embed Code and paste on your website backend.

That’s it. Your selected Instagram feed is now live on your website.

Limitation – Using this method you can add single post at a time.


With the growing number of Instagram users and its capabilities for businesses and brands. Incorporating it into the website gonna provide the same benefits as well as open new doors of benefits for your business.

Utilize the above-mentioned tools according to your requirements to meet your personalized business targets. 

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