How To Embed Instagram Widget On WordPress Website Without Plugin

With the growing popularity of social media among users, businesses have started leveraging the power of social media to expand their market reach and awareness.

Social media channels, especially Instagram, have served the brands with the most innovative and exquisite way of promoting their products and services to a large audience. 

Online brands and businesses have utilized Instagram’s opportunity by embedding it on websites to provide the customers with an amazing experience.

But the question that arises is, what makes embedding Instagram an advantageous strategy? 

Here in this blog, we will learn about the benefits of the Instagram widget on WordPress website and 2 ways of embedding it on the WordPress website without plugins.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Widget On WordPress Website

Instagram widget on website provides you with access to showcase your social media reach in your digital workplace. It serves the brands and businesses with ample opportunities to boost their sales.

Increases customer engagement

With almost 500m daily active users on Instagram, brands can expand their customer reach by embedding Instagram widget on WordPress website. This increases customer engagement with the brand and helps the brand to have a better interaction with them.

Enhanced website’s vibrancy

The exciting and compelling images of the Instagram platform allow brands to magnetize more customers towards its products. With the improved frequency of website visitors, it helps the brands to increase the website’s vibrancy.

Attractive visual gallery

By embedding the Instagram widget on WordPress website, brands can create a visual hub displaying the attractive gallery of images curated from the social channel. This visual gallery captures the attention of a large number of website visitors.

Builds trust and reliability

Instagram is the hub of attractive and trustworthy user-generated content. This content displays the authenticity of the brands and their products and serves as the customers’ trust-building factor. It, therefore, increases the reliability of the brands and adds credibility to its products.

Improved conversion rates and sales

By displaying the user-generated content on the website, brands can build a strong relationship with the customer and turn a potential customer into a genuine buyer. This way, brands can increase user interaction and engagement with the website. This helps the brands to drive more leads and boost sales and revenue.

Ways to embed Instagram widget on WordPress without a plugin

Instagram’s Embedding Feature

Instagram provides a self-integrating option to provide you with an easy embed process.

To embed the post, you need to select it and choose the post’s embed option by clicking it. The embed code will be generated. Copy the code and paste it on the backend page of your WordPress Website.

It is an amazing way to embed your Instagram feed on website for free. But the biggest limitation is that it allows you to embed only a single post at a time. You cannot embed it using the Instagram app, rather you need to initiate the embedding process with the Instagram website.

Moreover, it does not provide users with the option of personalizing and customizing the content with creative and interactive designs. 

Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are the tools that help you collect and curate social media content and embed it on website with a more personalized feed.

These tools are a perfect choice to display your social media feed via social wall on large digital screens during events and also on digital signage display for indoor and outdoor promotions of the brands and its services.

Many aggregator tools like Taggbox and Tagembed can help you embed Instagram Widget on WordPress website along with interesting features and functionality to make your feed look even more attractive than before.

Using these tools, you can customize your feed with different layouts, styles, themes, eye-catching fonts, colours, backgrounds, banner style, etc.

Along with this, you can even moderate your curated content before displaying it on the social wall using the moderation feature of these tools. It helps you to display relevant and appropriate content on your website on digital screens.

Also, it allows you to track your performance and user impressions with real-time update displays on the screen.


Embedding the Instagram widget on WordPress website is an effective marketing strategy to capture modern-day website visitors’ attention. This helps the brands to boost customer engagement and accelerate conversion rates and sales.

We have discussed two important ways of embedding the Instagram widget on the WordPress website. Brands can use these ways to magnify their growth in the marketing sphere.

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