How To Embed Instagram Video On Website

Instagram has over a million active users; it is one of the leading social media platforms and the most important digital marketing essence. If you want to give your brand a global voice, you will find the most influential and engaging content here, making it very important.

Suppose you have customers who create content like videos related to your brand or products and showcase them on your website. A UGC platform like Taggbox Widget can be of great advantage for you if you utilize it properly. 

Lately, the content generated from the consumer has become quite important to promote brand authenticity.

With this blog, we have decided to help you with steps to embed Instagram videos on your website with Taggbox Widget.

But before that,

Why Taggbox Widget?

Add Instagram Video

The basic function of Taggbox Widget is to let you discover, curate and embed relevant user-generated content on your website from different social media accounts. 

Here are some of its positive aspects:

– Collects Instagram Feed

When your customers post using your branded hashtag or handle, they give you some new and creative content. The idea of going through all the user-generated content may seem a little overwhelming. 

With the Taggbox widget, you are assured that all the valuable UGC for your brand will be collected together, filtering out the irrelevant videos with powerful moderation. 

Ready for you to use.

– Curate & Design

Now that you have collected all the useful UGC and filtered out the irrelevant or repeated ones. The next thing to consider is the presentation, and visuals play a huge role in engaging the website visitors. 

Taggbox widget allows you to design and curate the Instagram video Widget as per your brand’s theme. It provides you with creative layouts, fonts, backgrounds, logos, and many more options so that the visitors can’t resist watching the embedded Instagram videos.  

Create visual content galleries for your website, which will help you increase user dwell time and engage them.

– Embedding The Instagram Video 

You have collected the user-generated Instagram videos, and you have chosen the perfect template, everything with the help of Taggbox Widget. Now comes the part where you embed the Instagram video widget on your website.

Taggbox widget makes the procedure easy for you. All you need to do is, generate the embed code, paste it wherever you want to display the Instagram video widget on your website and get ready to grow brand awareness, increase your conversion rate and reach a larger audience. 

Now that you have understood the benefits of the Taggbox widget, here are the steps to embed Instagram videos on your website for free:

Step 1: Add Instagram Videos With Taggbox Widget

  • Create your free Taggbox Widget account or log in if you’re already registered
  • Click on the “add Social Feeds” option to add Instagram videos to your widget.
  • A pop-up will appear to choose your source network. Click on “Instagram Business.”
  • Select the source type (hashtag/handle/mentions/tags/stories) from the following options to collect videos from Instagram & click on “Create Feed.”  

Step 2: Connect Instagram With Your Taggbox Account

  • When you click on “Create Feed,” you will be redirected to Instagram Login, where you can put your credentials for secure login.
  • Even if you have multiple accounts connected to your business account, Taggbox will show videos from every account.

Step 3: Generate Instagram Video Embed Code

After Taggbox generates all the videos and you are done with your customization process, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Click on the “Publish” button on the bottom left corner of your widget editor screen
  • A pop-up will appear, “Choose Your Platform,” you have options like Shopify, HTML, WordPress, etc., to choose from as per your requirements.
  • Choose the “Get Code” option from the next pop-up; you have the option to change the height & width. An embed code will appear, copy that code to embed Instagram videos on a website.

Now that you have the embed code, we can move forward and learn how to embed Instagram videos on your website.

Step 4: Embed Instagram Video on Any Website

  • Copy the Embed Code generated earlier and paste it on your page. Click on “publish”/”Apply the changes.”
  • You have successfully embedded Instagram videos on your website!
Embed Instagram Video


Embedding Instagram videos on your website, especially the User-Generated ones, is greatly beneficial for your brand authenticity and marketing. When people visit your website and see the Instagram video Widgets of your customers, looking at real-life experiences, they will trust your brand more.

We just helped you understand what goes into embedding an Instagram video on your website, so our role ends here.

Now, it’s your turn to make the most of it and create some beautiful Widgets with Taggbox and enjoy the boost of engagement on your website.

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