How To Embed Social Media Feed On The Website

In today’s world, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. We use it to learn about what’s going in other parts of the world, connect with friends and family and to share our thoughts. 

But as a business, have you ever wondered what profits could these social opinions of people bring to you?  An excellent tool to be used in marketing, consumers’ social media posts about their experience with your brand’s products and services could be used by means of the social wall. 

This social wall then can be placed across various marketing touchpoints especially websites. By displaying the authentic content on the website, brands can grab the visitors’ attention and create social proof for themselves.

What Is Social Media Feed WIdget?

A social media feed widget is a collection of multiple social media posts from different social media platforms that are created by brand users. This includes photos, reviews, videos, etc. A social media wall can be created by using a smart social media aggregator tool that brings all the user-generated content in one place. 

The aggregated feed can be embedded on a website homepage easily. There are certain perks of using a social media feed wall on a company’s website especially for e-commerce- 

  • It boosts user engagement
  • Creates social proof for your brand
  • Collects user-generated content for your business
  • Helps enhance the brand trust and value
  • Magnifies the visual appeal of the website

Below mentioned are few of the social media aggregator tools that help in curation and embedding of social media feed on a business website-

1. Taggbox Widget

Let’s begin with the most popular tool in this domain- Taggbox Widget! It is a social media feed aggregator that creates attractive and eye-catching wall for brands. It comes with different features that let anyone design the wall of their dream and choice (not to forget in tune with website layout!) Some of the key characteristics that makes Taggbox Widget the leading tool in the market are- 

  • Personalize Dashboard: there are various options like theme, font, size, and color, banner, and custom CSS to design the social wall with Taggbox. 
  • Content Moderation: Taggbox gives lets you curate the social wall by collecting only those social media posts that you want to display on the website. 
  • UGC Campaign Analytics: This feature helps in tracking the performance of your UGC campaign running on social wall. The resultant reports gives insight on website-audience engagement which helps in knowing the clicks and what doesn’t with people. 

Taggbox Widget also have some special features such as profanity filter which automatically removes the offensive content.  

Taggbox generates the embed code for the social wall created which can be placed with the website backend and the posts will be automatically fetched from that point on. The social media feed by Taggbox keeps updated in real-time and if its for an e-commerce website, one can also make the user-generated photos shoppable. 

2. FeedWind

FeedWind is an RSS widget platform which is probably the simplest way to turn the RSS posts in to a RSS wall. It works well for basic wordpress websites as it is easier to others. It comes with many design layout options. However, the only limitation is that it only allows embedding of RSS posts. 

3. Miappi

Miappi is a social media aggregator tool that lets one embed social media wall created from different social media networks posts. The tool pulls content across many social media platforms and builds an engaging wall. 

It reviews and selects the best of user-generated content that brand users have posted. It then gathers them and builds an interactive social wall which could be displayed over the website.

4. Embed Social

Embed Social is an excellent social media kit that lets you showcase picture galleries and consumer’s reviews on the website. It promotes user engagement and builds brand trust and value by displaying the authentic UGC in social wall. With that, it also helps in syncing of social media feed with Facebook Page and Google location to help with instant display of users’ content.

5. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is also a great social media aggregator tool to begin with. It assists with embedding of widgets on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube on the website. This facilitates the rise in social media followers. The fetched content from social media channels is updated frequently on social wall. It also lets include number of widgets like Instagram popup, Facebook grid and much more on the website.


Embedding a social media feed or wall on the business website can reap many rewards for a brand. In addition to the increased website-visitor engagement, it also makes the website stands out by enhancing the visual appeal of the website. 

The website’s aesthetics along with functionality doubles the conversion rate. The genuine content from brand’s consumers grabs the attention of website visitors and holds them to go back to the search results. This increases the dwell time eventually improving the SEO ranking.  We hope that above mentioned social media aggregator tools will effectively build a social wall for your website and boosts brand awareness among the target audience. 

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