Best Alternative Of EmbedSocial For Embedding Instagram Feeds

User-generated content is the new sales arsenal in the marketing field.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website allows you to display user-generated content showcasing their brand experiences to your website visitors.

One really popular tool that lets you embed Instagram feeds on your website is “EmbedSocial”.

Although, EmbedSocial is a good tool for embedding Instagram feeds, but there are other tools too in the market that also come with amazing features allowing you to easily embed your Instagram feeds on your website.

One of the best alternatives to EmbedSocial is Taggbox Widget. It allows you to embed Instagram feeds on your website in a really customizable and engaging manner.

What is Taggbox Widget?

Taggbox Widget is a UGC platform and social media aggregator tool.

It allows you to discover, curate, customize, and display Instagram feeds on your website.

It discovers and aggregates social media posts from Instagram via hashtags, handles, mentions, and tagged posts and aggregate them together on a single dashboard where you could curate and customize them.

It allows you to create beautiful Instagram Walls that can be embedded on your website which will help you engage your website visitors and improve your website performance.

How Do You Embed Instagram Feeds Using Taggbox Widget?

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website using Taggbox is really simple.

Follow these simple steps and you can easily embed Instagram feeds on your website-

  1. Create a free account with Taggbox Widget and login to it.
  2. You will land on the Dashboard.
  3. Click on Create Widget and choose Instagram as the source of your feeds.
  4. Give your Instagram login credentials and click on Create Feeds.
  5. Your Instagram Widget has been successfully created. It will display in your widget editor soon.
  6. Now, click on Publish and select Embed in Websites.
  7. Select your website building platform.
  8. Generate the Embed Code for your Instagram Wall. Copy it to your clipboard.
  9. Now go to the backend of the webpage where you want to display the Instagram feeds.
  10. Over there, paste the embed code.

And you’re done! You have successfully embedded Instagram feeds on your website.

See! Wasn’t that easy? Told you already.

Why Taggbox Widget is the best Alternative of Embedsocial?

Taggbox is an amazing social media aggregator and display tool. It is really easy-to-use and has a really user-friendly interface.

It aggregates real-time feeds from multiple social media platforms including Instagram. This allows you to display the latest, fresh, and dynamic Instagram feeds to your website visitors consistently.

It is highly responsive and gives you quick and robust technical support 24*7. Easy installation and flexible pricing plans are just the icings on the top.

The reason why I recommend Taggbox as the best alternative to EmbedSocial is the collection of incredible features it brings along.

Firstly, it comes with amazing and beautiful customization options like really attractive themes, responsive layouts, and advanced CSS options to design and personalize your Instagram feeds. This helps you to display Instagram feeds in a really engaging and customizable way.

Secondly, it brings along powerful moderation and curation features that allow you to doctor the health of your content. You can filter out the irrelevant content and prevent it from getting displayed on your website. This helps you to display content that matches the standards of your brand.

Thirdly, the robust Analytics feature and the unique Sentiment Analysis allows you to study and understand user engagement, customer behavior and customer sentiments linked with your Instagram posts.

It also comes with add-on features like Full-Screen Announcements, banners, tickers, hashtag highlighters, profanity filters, and many more like that.

It comes with a free 14-day trial. You must really check it once. You can take a free personalized demo for that too.

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