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Best Alternative To Display Social Wall On Any Screen

Displaying Social Walls on Screens is an excellent way to grab your audience’s attention and prove a great way to showcase your social proof for your brand’s marketing.

By integrating social walls in your virtual events, virtual conferences, or digital signage, you can make your event stand out and be the talk of the town. Barring this, Social Walls can add more excitement and enthusiasm to your audience. best alternative is a platform to create a Social Wall for your events, websites, and digital screens.

However, there is a platform that is much better and cost-effective than — Taggbox

Read on to know why Taggbox is the best alternative!

What is Taggbox?

Taggbox is the best UGC platform for marketers and businesses to build trust, increase user engagement, and drive conversions by displaying UGC (User Generated Content) on all the marketing mediums.

One of the most efficient features of Taggbox is that it has been specially designed with the motto to attract users and engage them during events/conferences and serves as the perfect alternative to, be it in terms of features, support, or presentation.

Taggbox offers comprehensive solutions to create & display social walls on various offline and online platforms to boost growth, drive conversions and engage audiences.

What Makes Taggbox The Best Alternative?

Pricing Plans

Pricing plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting a Social Wall platform. Taggbox offers much more competitive pricing as compared to While you end up spending thousands from your pocket to avail yourself of services from, Taggbox initially offers a 2-week trial free of cost.

You can, later on, upgrade to a much better plan as per your needs and requirements starting at @99 per month and switch over to an all-inclusive premium plan at @239 per month. Taggbox also gives its users the option to avail of a one-day plan at @99. Agencies and businesses with multiple monthly events can take an all-inclusive monthly plan of @599!

Collect & Curate Content From Multiple Platforms

UGC reviews and social media feed is the most integral part of both the platforms. With Taggbox, you can collect and curate content from over 15+ platforms. offers only four platforms to curate your feed from during the free trial.

best alternative

15+ Social Networks

With the Taggbox, you can create a wall, especially for your wedding too! It is a no-brainer that hashtag campaigns can completely change the marketing game and upscale the business instantly.

Taggbox provides you the option to collect relevant content from a successful hashtag campaign. Displaying your campaign feed will instill more faith and act as the ultimate social proof for your brand.

You can efficiently collect content from these platforms, be it in the form of images, videos, reviews, etc. You might as well collect and aggregate UGC using highlights, tags, mentions, etc.

Customize As You Like It

Mostly all platforms offering Social Walls have their unique design and aesthetics. However, it is mandatory that your customers feel like a part of the brand rather than a Social Wall platform.
Taggbox Display Themes

Being the best alternative to the platform, Taggbox provides the users the option to customize and design the Social wall as per their needs and requirements. alternative for social wall

You can choose the best fit from various options to choose from in context to the theme, layout, fonts, colors, and other branding options. offers a limited number of themes to select from and select from multiple themes, and you would need to upgrade your plan.

Taggbox offers multiple options even during the free trial period.

Content monitoring before displaying is mandatory. Hence, you can use filters in the moderation panel to remove any unwanted content and publish the content of utmost quality.

Integration With Multiple Platforms

Taggbox gives you the option to integrate your feed with various platforms. You can easily display your wall following a few steps, and you can integrate it on multiple website building platforms, including HTML, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and many more.

best alternative
Taggbox Integration Options

You can display the taggbox social wall on the large screen too, with endless integrations and apps available on our platform. This way, you can showcase your social wall without any interruption, and users can enjoy a seamless experience without any hindrance.

Sponsored Posts

Taggbox gives you the option to publish a specially customized post that can be showcased in between the feed. alternative
Sponsored Post

If you are a host of an event and wish to display a special post to give a shout-out to the event sponsors, you can easily create a custom post and publish the content between the feed while displaying it! Isn’t that amazing?

Get The Rights From Users

With Taggbox, you can avail yourself of content rights from users. Many customers get offended if they see their content published without their consent.

Hence, you have the facility to avail rights from the user legally and seamlessly. However, does not have the rights management feature.

Wrapping It Up

Taggbox is undoubtedly the best alternative to that you can use for any upcoming events, virtual conference, or digital signage.

With Taggbox by your side, you can surely increase your user engagement, build social proof, attract more clients, increase your brand value, and ultimately boost your sales and conversions.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Taggbox is a highly recommended social media aggregator and display tool. It comes with a free 14-day trial —

You must really try it once. It also offers free personalized demo sessions. Take one to understand Taggbox better.

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