Best Alternative For Embedding Social Media Feed

User-generated content has become one of the greatest needs of the brands for their marketing purposes. Content generated from the social media feeds unique and creative that makes the customers believe in the brand instead of their own content.

Social media is the platform millions of users share their experience through text, images, and videos and influence fellow social media users.

This has brought the great marketing opportunity for the brands and use social media feeds to embed on their website and display what the other users are saying about their brand.

You can use social media aggregator tools like Taggbox Widget, Tagembed for collecting and curating the content.

With the social media aggregator tools, you can take the marketing strategies on another level and make a strong presence among your competitors.

You may have heard of for curating and embedding social media feeds on your website, but there are best social media aggregator tools that you can use in place of

3 Best Alternative Tools

Taggbox Widget

If you are looking for the tool that helps you collect, curate, and embed social media feeds from different platforms in the simplest way, then Taggbox Widget is for you.

It is one of the best social media feed embedding tools that I have come across. You can collect high quality and accurate feeds using this tool.

Hundreds of brands are using Taggbox Widget for improving their marketing presence and embed social media feeds on their website.

curator alternative

There is no need for technical knowledge; you can easily use this tool and generate high-quality user-generated content from different social media platforms.

With Taggbox Widget, you will get dynamic designs, themes, layout options, real-time updates, and quick responsiveness that improve user experience.

You will get access to analytics from there; you can measure the performance of your social media widgets and how the users are behaving with your social media campaigns.

Try It, Start your 14 days Free Trial – Taggbox Widget


This is also one of the best alternatives to embedding social media feeds on your website. With Tagembed, you can collect the data from different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. and embed on your website.

It is used by popular brands to curate what the people are talking about their product and services and display them on the website. alternative

Tagembed offers the option to customize the social media feed campaign and display the content in your desired way.

There are several themes, designs, layouts, banner integration, styles, and color schemes available that help in increasing user engagement.

Track the campaign and user interaction with the analytics option and how the widget is performing. is a social media aggregation platform where you can embed the social media feeds even without embedding code.

It will provide you with social media icons from there; you will get a wide range of social media feeds from different social media platforms.

These icons are easily customized, and you can add favourite color schemes, layout, border, animation, and many other features to the feeds as you desire.

social media feed provides all these features on icons to improve user engagement and keep the traffic stay on their website with beautiful social media feeds.

Although these social media icons are not highly functional like other social media aggregators, they are a good option for linking the social media feeds to your website. offers mobile responsive social media icons that make them perfect for brands to represent their brands easily to the mobile phone using the audience too.

Final Words

Now you have come to know the best alternative for that you can use to embed social media feeds on your website.

You can use any of these social media aggregators for generating quality user-generated content and magnify the performance of your website.

These tools help in building trust, user interaction, boost social presence, and increase selling opportunities for your business.

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