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How to Add Social Media Feeds on Intranet

Social Media usages are growing exponentially due to its interactive features and appealing feeds. Companies are adding Social Media Feeds on Intranet to let their employees scroll through.

In this guide, we will see steps to Add Social Media Feeds on Intranet(Sharepoint, Zoho, Yammer, etc.) using best social media aggregator Taggbox Widget.

But the question arises that why we need to add social media feeds on Intranet?

Well, here are some of the benefits of adding social media feeds on the Intranet.

Benefits of Adding Social Media Feeds on Intranet

Social media feeds on Intranet is a new wave to productivity, interaction, success, etc. It effectively completes the objective of communication inside the organization, boosts business intelligence while enhancing the processes and practices such as:

Employee Details — Compile an interactive directory with details of all employees will help people know each other.

Market Reputation — Share the organization’s social media reputation with your employees to help them understand the pain points of your business and work on it.

Organizational Details — Broadcast what the organization is up to on social media with your employees to better understand the organization.

Valuable Content — Make your employees aware of new challenges, share the key market information from social media with all the employees to better understand the market, and plan accordingly.

Community — Build a community to develop awareness and share ideas with each other.

Increase Morale — Emphasize your top employees on social media and then share it with the internal employees to increase their morale and encourage them to do better.

Awareness to visitors — Showcase the company’s target, achievements, testimonials, and other relevant information with the company visitors to understand the company.

New Hire Center — Incorporate new hires’ social media details to make them feel welcome and share with your old employees.

Steps to add Social Media Feeds on Intranet

To add social media feeds on Intranet, you’ll need a social media aggregator tool that will let you collect relevant feeds from different social media platforms to a unified platform such as Taggbox Widget.

Taggbox Widget is a Social Media Aggregator platform that lets you aggregate social media feeds, curate them, and embed them into the website.

You can aggregate social feeds from almost 15+ platforms(Slack, Workplace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reviews etc.) using the following methods:

  • Hashtag (#)
  • Handle
  • Mentions
  • Tagged
  • Location
  • Boards
  • Advanced Query

And many more that will aggregate almost all of the social media feeds.

Only aggregating feeds is not sufficient. You also need to organize those feeds to make them attractive and appealing.

Try Taggbox Widget — Start Your 14 Days Free Trial

Using Taggbox Widget, sophisticated features such as:

Moderation — Using the moderation panel, you can modify feeds. Such as delete posts, edit posts, Highlight Posts, Add CTA, Hide Posts, and many more.

Real-Time Feeds — Keep your widget fresh with new posts using Real-Time Feeds. Without any click, show the latest social media posts.

Theme & Layouts — Customize your social media feed widget according to your website using different themes and layouts.

Profanity Filter — Filter out explicit contents before aggregating them. Use Profanity filter too.

Custom CSS — Design a personalized view of your widget using Custom CSS to change the appearance according to your requirement.

Custom Posts — Showcase your personalized feeds using Custom Posts.

Curate your feeds to make the social media feed widget more interactive and amazing for viewers using the above-mentioned features and many more.

Finally, follow the below steps to complete the integration process using the below steps:

  • Open your website editor, then kindly copy and paste the below-mentioned iframe code.

Note — Replace Your_Wall_Id with your Taggbox Social Feed Wall Id.

Hence, your website is ready to be display Social Media Feeds on Intranet.

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