How To Embed Pinterest Boards On Website

Want to embed Pinterest Boards on websites? Well, you’re at the right place. Here are a few steps to embed Pinterest boards on websites.

Using a social media aggregator tool such as Taggbox Widget, you can easily aggregate, curate, and then embed the boards on the website.

Here are the steps to embed Pinterest boards on websites

Steps to embed Pinterest Boards on websites using Taggbox Widget:

1. Create a Taggbox Widget account with 14 Days free trial, or Log in to your existing account.

2. Click on the “+Create Widget” button on the Taggbox dashboard and name your widget.

3. Now, on the Taggbox Editor, Go to add feeds, a dialog box “Pick a Source” will display social media platforms.

Here, select Pinterest as a source.

4. Now, in the dialog box “Create Pinterest Feed,” here enter handle or Boards URL to aggregate the pins.

5. Finally, click on “Create Feed.”

All of your pins will be displayed on the Taggbox Editor.

Customize your Pinterest widget Using features like:

  • Customization & Personalization
  • Moderation
  • Amazing themes

You can make your Pinterest board look more appealing and attractive according to your brand theme and website.

Now, follow the below-given steps to generate the embed code of your Pinterest Widget.

1. On the left-bottom, click on the “Embed Widget” button.

2. Dialog box will appear “Choose your Platform,” select your website platform.

3. Choose the “Get Code” option, and set the height & width according to your requirement.

4. A HTML code will be generated. Copy the code.

Paste the code on your website

Log in to your website admin panel and select the webpage where you want to embed Pinterest Board.

2. Paste the copied code on the “<> Embed” editor.

3. Save or Publish to apply the changes.

Tada!! You have successfully embedded Pinterest boards on your website.

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