Twitter Widget- Top Trending Tools For 2021

Twitter has a worldwide reach just like any other social media platform. This social media platform has outgrown over the past few years. All due to small and big brands that have started using Twitter to keep up their online presence.

With this social media network you can easily comprehend what is trending across worldwide and what is new. To promote diverse brands, this platform has advanced itself to be a good marketing place.

What is Twitter Widget and Why to Embed it on Your Website?

With Twitter widget all your Twitter feeds are compiled and displayed on your official website. This displayed Twitter feeds on your website are user-generated content. It means that it is collected by the experiences shared by happy and satisfied users about your brand’s product and services. Therefore, these Twitter feeds can be in any form whether videos, images or responses.

If you wish to market your brand in a good direction then embedding Twitter widget on your website is definitely a great step. This lets you know what visitors and users are talking about your brand on this platform and thus help to build brand realness. This way you can strengthen your brand marketing campaign without any hassle.

Top Trending Twitter Widget Tools for 2021

Twitter is an advancing marketplace to promote your brand. Thus here are some of the top and trending Twitter widget tools 2021 listed below that will help you embed Twitter feeds to your website.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a user-generated content platform that helps to curate and embed social media feeds from diverse social media platforms. Set out your display feeds on your website with the support of Taggbox. The feeds can be collected using locations, hashtag, mentions or username.

Taggbox Twitter widget

Taggbox helps to create a twitter wall and generate an embed code. Paste the embed code on a webpage where your Twitter feeds need to be displayed. Additionally to curate your content, Taggbox offers a robust moderation panel.


Display all your aggregated Twitter feeds on your website in an engaging manner with Everwall social media aggregator tool. This tool helps you display public tweets and your Twitter feeds via keywords, hashtags, mentions and searches.

With Everwall you get checking adaptability that block specific words that support full control to maintain the well-being of your content.

twitter feed widget

Thus how Everwall helps you? This Twitter integration tool helps you generate an embed code and paste it on the webpage where you need to display the Twitter feeds.

With the help of this tool you can curate your tweets before displaying it on your website. Also to improve the content quality you can hide or display tweets or links and do much more.


Create remarkable and extraordinary Twitter walls with Hootfeed. It is an amazing Twitter integration tool by Hootsuite that comes with considerable customization features and responsive design depending on various screen sizes.

Twitter widget for wordpress

With its real-time Twitter feeds display you can easily amplify the Twitter activity around the brand. The audience can interact with the brand through its tweets and retweets and keep them motivated and engrossed about the brand.


Tweetwally is a powerful Twitter widget tool through which the user can customize the search results. Also with the help of this widget tool you can present the Twitter feeds in diverse formats such as a given URL or on a projector at conferences, events, etc, or an iPhone.

twitter widget for wordpress

With the support of Tweetwally, the user can enjoy an ongoing stream of live feeds on websites and also can experiment with distinct searches.


With specialization in real-time Twitter searches, Twitterfall is an incredible Twitter-oriented social media integration tool. This Twitter integration tool presents some of the amazing customization features with stunning display options. This Twitter widget tool provides users with simple basic experience that allows them to easily regulate the tweet text size.

If the user feels some of the text is inappropriate to be displayed, then it can be easily excluded. Also you can set the speed of display of tweets along with the choice to add retweets or not. You can likewise look for results with geographical locations.

Summing Up

In 2021, make your brand reach a global audience and intensify your brand exposure by embedding a Twitter widget on your website. It helps to revive brand users to tweet about the brand via the brand hashtag. Embedding Twitter feeds to your website helps to bring a life to your dead websites. Therefore you can use any of the above mentioned Twitter widget tools.

The Twitter widget tool is not only restricted to the above mentioned 5 tools. Choose for the best option for your brand. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Instantly embed a Twitter widget on your official website and make your brand grow better.

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