4 Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feeds On A Website

Instagram has literally achieved the status of one of the best social media marketing platforms for brands to grow their online presence and hence expand their customer base.

Integrating Instagram feeds to your brand’s official website is not only a strategic decision but also a smart one. Instagram posts are already being made by your users, then why not integrate them and display on your website to enhance your brand credibility.

This article throws light on the major benefits of embed Instagram feed on a website.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed

Let’s get started!

1. Boosts Interactions With Users And Increases Dwell Time

Even you all will agree to this. Instagram is so addictive. You just can’t stop scrolling. Right!

Exactly my point.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website compels your visitors to keep scrolling down the feeds, thus increasing visitor engagement on your website.

This helps to increase the dwell time of your website visitors.

This also helps to boost user interaction with the website. Seeing other user’s feeds being displayed on your official website, viewers are encouraged to post similar content regarding your brand, thus also spreading your word of mouth marketing.

2. Expands Your Social Media Reach And Hence Your Customer Base

When you display Instagram hashtag feeds through an embedded social hub on your website, you direct the traffic from your website to your Instagram account.

This helps you to increase your social media reach and hence grow your social media influence.

Also, this way you are able to maximize your touchpoints with your customers. They can interact with your brand either on your website or on Instagram, thus making it easier for your customers to reach you.

This also helps to increase your customer base.

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3. Helps You Build Stronger Brand Image and Grow User Trust

As already discussed, embedding an Instagram feeds wall on your website helps you to increase your social reach and grow your social influence too.

This means more people are aware of your brand and are talking about it. This further escalates the impromptu marketing that sets itself in motion. It enhances the word of mouth marketing around your brand.

It helps you to build a stronger brand image.

The more people talk about it, the more trust your brand grows among it’s users. Hence, you grow user trust within your customer base at the same time.

It also helps to enhance your brand credibility and authenticity, thus making your customers loyal towards your brand.

4. Increase In Conversion Rates

If you own an e-commerce business website, then integrating Instagram feeds on your e-commerce website displaying user-generated content showing satisfied customers using your products and services helps you a long way.

It helps you bring the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale which in turn helps the customers to make the final purchasing decision in your favour.

This, in turn, helps to enhance the conversion rates and turn your aspiring customers into your permanent ones.

Overall, it helps to grow your e-commerce sales and business.

Final Words

Embedding an Instagram Widget on your website is nothing but beneficial for your website and your e-commerce business if you own one.

Make use of Instagram feed walls on your website to grow social trust and grow your business by displaying user-generated content.

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